Sunday, October 17, 2010

Loss at Sparty ...

First off, this was predictable and totally expected. After all, Sparty is one of the hottest teams in the land and totally underrated at #13 heading into this Homecoming showdown with the Chief. Michigan State is easily a top-10 team and perhaps even a top-5 squad, one of the most balanced in the nation.

Still, we played Dantonio's crew well for 2.5 quarters, leading 6-3 at the break. The defense was stout most of the afternoon. And at times, the offense was able to move the ball effectively through the air and on the ground. But, the inability to convert drives into TD's in the first half and four turnovers (3 INTs) for the game was our undoing in East Lansing.

Final Illini analysis - not a bad loss, but a setback for sure. We had a chance today to follow-up a good road win in Happy Valley with another against Sparty; didn't happen. Time to regroup, study the tape, and move on to week #8 where we get Indiana as the BIG-10 schedule softens. All in all, being 3-3 at this point in the season isn't bad (all three losses to ranked top-20 schools in Mizzou, Ohio State, and Michigan State). This year's Illinois team is getting better each week. And that trend needs to continue where you have to prove it time and time again.

My Top-10:
1) Oregon
2) Oklamoma
3) Auburn
4) Boise State
5) TCU
6) Michigan State
8) Alabama
9) Oklahoma State
10) Iowa

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