Monday, July 30, 2007

Your 2007 Heisman Contenders...

Make no mistake about it, you're looking at the Heisman Trophy winner in this list - somewhere. Is it possible that someone else will emerge and challenge for the crown of college football's most important player, or team MVP, or valued contributor, or whatever they base this thing on anymore? Sure, and it might be me too! Right, not likely...

As you scan the TOP - 20 list above each candidate has pros and cons. Based on last year's performances mostly, the leading contenders this year are McFadden (Ark), White (WV), Booty (USC), Brian Brohm (Lou), and Colt Brennan (HI). Other intersting prospects include Jonathan Stewart (OR) who probably has as much talent as anybody in the country. But, can he / will he stay healthy for a full season? He should get several touches / game in the Ducks' spread offense. It's interesting to read about each contender and what has to happen for him to win the award. And, here's your pre-season coaches' poll from USA TODAY. No big surprises here with USC, LSU, Florida, Michigan, and TEXAS all in the top-5.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome Back .... It's almost time!

It's been a few months since we've last chatted. During the 'off' season I've been busy working on my six-pack abs, cholesterol levels, and overall fitness in preparation for the upcoming CFB season. I'm sure you're just like me!

Well now, as I paruse the calendar today it appears that July is coming to an end. Those long, hot, sultry, summer days are in full swing (unless you live in the great PNW - Pacific Northwest). In that case, it's just about perfect - as God intended life on earth to be. There's no such thing as 3H (triple H - hazy, hot, & humid). Summertime is the time when liberals and conservatives unite in drinking great beer and eating good food hot off the grill, even meat. With the election some 15 months away, I still feel relatively good about the level of political waste on the airwaves. We only know what hot means up here in the outskirts of Portland, Or. Although, I vaguely remember what humidity and haze are, but I digress. Apologies....

And looky there, only 31 more days until the greatest time of the year is upon us all. I for one am looking forward to another spectacular season of collegiate gridiron action (like there's any other option). You've heard me go off on the state of the union regarding professional sports. Barry Bonds, Mark MacGuire, The Tour De France, NBA officiating, and something called professional football all make my point: there is no greater team sport on earth than college football (with the possible exception of the Iraqi National soccer team, God bless those guys. Nobody said it better than caption Younis Mahoud, ""I don't want the Iraqi people to be angry with me," he said. "If I go back with the team, anybody could kill me or try to hurt me."

Don't get me wrong, the arrests continue all across American on college campuses. Just today there were a few more DUI / DWI / ASSAULT events at Oklahoma State, WAZZU, and Texas. But who the hell cares about those losers anway? No sir, college football isn't perfect but it might just be the closest thing since Paris Hilton was arrested, or was that Lindsay Lohan? With all of that, here are your way to early 2007/8 BOWL PROJECTIONS from FOX SPORTS. Each major site has one of these. There's no particular reason why I went with this breakdown. Although, there are a few interesting matchups to ponder for the next several months. And what about controversy? Remember last year when there was talk about whether or not Florida even belonged in the BCS TITLE GAME? So, who plays for all the marbles in January in New Orleans? Most like USC and LSU. Fox is no different here. This could be the 2003 title game that never was. Other contenders include VA TECH, FLORIDA, LOUISVILLE, TEXAS, and WEST VIRGINIA. Should be interesting to see this unfold. Tune back here later in the fall to see how accurate they were.

Until next time....go ILLINI - Oskee Wa Wa! We're goin' bowlin' in 2k7/8. Hail to the Chief forever.....And in case you are wondering, I did order my copy of NCAA FOOTBALL 2k8 for the ole XBOX. My life is almost complete.

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