Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How They'll Finish - Find your team!

Gotta love those pre-season polls and projections. They mean about as much as a wet diaper in a rainstorm to a soccer mom who's running late to practice. Do soccer kids wear diapers? Anywaway, CNN/SI took it's best shot at the link above. See how your team is projected to fare in 2009 with these conference reports. They have the Chief going 8-4, with 5-3 in conference which might just be good enough for a bowl game in early 2010.

BIG-12, BIG-10, ACC, PAC-10, Mountain West, and with more to come over the next few days. The predicted order of finish hasn't changed much in the PAC-10 of late. And if you care about these things, here are the season's first power rankings, courtesy of FOXSPORTs. Chief comes in at #19. Mizzou @ #20, interesting. Domers are at #17 with Oregon at #15.

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