Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week #14 - We need a playoff!

I solved the whole playoff thing a few weeks ago; go with the top-8 and ditch the conference championship games in the BIG-12, ACC, and SEC. Top-4 in the BCS would host the games. Now that's theater.

How about that Bedlam game tonight? Best game of the weekend - perhaps. They just wouldn't go away, those Pokes from Stillwater. Wow! Football at its best. Bedlam had it all this year. Pistol Pete would be proud. Sooners have posted 254 in the past 3 games! Four in a row with 60 or more. Wow...can anybody stop OU?

As an aside, the TRIBE are 6-0 on the hardwood in 2k8. After tonight's 48-44 win over Tulsa in South Padre. Up next, Clemson at home in the ACC/BIG-10 challenge. Oskee Wa Wa Illinois!

As for my new top-10, go figure - it's tight at the top, I could go any number of ways with my 1-4:

  1. Florida - is there a team playing better football over the past 6 weeks?

  2. Texas - I'm convinced, the best of the BIG-12 South.

  3. Oklahoma - good win in Stillwater. Body of work and head to head with Texas. 45-35.

  4. Alabama - undefeated I know. They'll lose next weekend to Florida - big! Counted.

  5. USC - beating Notre Dame used to mean something. Not anymore. Is Charlie done?

  6. Texas Tech - struggled with Baylor. The Bears are better. Enjoy the Cotton Bowl.

  7. Penn State - I was cheering for Oregon State. Lions will get whacked by USC in Rose.

  8. Utah - Most likely to the Sugar Bowl this year. But are they BCS worthy?

  9. Ohio State - With two losses, it could be BCS or Cap-1.

  10. Missouri - Nice win against KU today. Up next Texas in the BIG-12 Title game.

As for the BCS, the latest rankings have Oklahoma over Texas meaning they'll face Mizzou next Saturday night in Kansas City for the BIG-12 Title. Barring major upsets of biblical proportions, that means an Oklahoma / Florida Final in Miami - which is OK by me. I think Texas gets screwed in this entire deal as do a few other teams. It looks like Ohio State will get the BCS nod to face either Texas or Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Saban will most likely play Utah in the Sugar Bowl assuming they lose to Meyer in Atlanta. All of this is fuel for playoff fire in CFB DIV1-A. I mean come on already. It's time. Instead of some lame conference finals next Saturday, how about these proposed quarterfinal match-ups with the four winners moving on to the national semis:

  • Bama hosting Penn State in Tuscaloosa.
  • OU hosting Texas Tech in Norman for a rematch.
  • Texas hosting Utah in Austin.
  • Florida hosting USC in the SWAMP.

Of course, if you screw the BCS system and its computers altogether and go with my current top-10, the quarterfinals look so much juicier:

  • Florida hosting Utah - yes, come on, you know you want this one.
  • Texas hosting Penn State -this one also has interesting undertones.
  • Oklahoma hosting TT - most likely another blowout for the Sooners, I know.
  • Alabama hosting USC - in Tuscaloosa, makes up for OU / TT above.

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