Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama is right ... deal with it!

I mean when a man is right he's right. Change is here. Sure, we have some serious problems to solve in front of us: the economy, health care, and wars in Iraq / Afghanistan. But if our president - elect says its time for a college playoff in DIV1-A football, who am I to stand in his way? Yes, Barack is right. We need to settle this on the field and not in the polls or by computers.

You may remember that I first proposed a BCS solution a few years ago calling for a 12-team play-off. Since then, I've gone back and forth with the current system versus what could be the best thing in all of sport: a true playoff in DIV1-A football. Yes, the time has come, and here's how it should work.
  1. Start with the top-8 teams in the final regular-season BCS rankings, minus the conference championships. That could be the toughest roadblock, but trust me it will be worth it in every way down the stretch. The regular season should end with the rivalry action of Thanksgiving weekend.

  2. It would be 1 versus 8, 2 verus 7, etc.... with the TOP-4 in the BCS playing on their home fields in round-one quarterfinal matchups. As of tonight, picture Bama hosting Utah in Tuscaloosa, Texas Tech hosting USC in Lubbock, Penn State hosting Oklahoma in Happy Valley, and Texas at Florida. Wow, and that's just the first round. Now that's television.

  3. Keep the bowls, all of 'em. Use the bowl system that we know and love to host the round-two semi-final matchups, rotating through two of the four existing BCS games: Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, and Sugar Bowl. These two games (remaining 4 teams from #2 above) would be played on New Year's Day. In this example you could easily imagine Bama versus Florida in the Orange Bowl while Oklahoma travels to Pasadena to play USC in the Rose.

  4. Finally, it all concludes a week later in the BCS Title Game under the lights in Glendale, AZ with Florida winning it all over USC.

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