Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Pre-Season Polls and Speculation ...

AP came out with their pre-season poll today (link above). And yes, I have a few thoughts:

  • Yes, Georgia is too high at #1 - for now. Sure they're mighty talented on both sides of the ball returning 16 starters from 2007 (and speed to burn). But all of off - season strife this summer(injuries, arrests, academic violtaions, and dismissals) has to take its toll. Let's see what happens after ASU.
  • I don't have too many issues with the rest of the TOP-10 until we get to Clemson @ #9. I mean come on, it's Clemson. You know somewhere / somehow they'll find a way to lose two or even three games they're expected to win.
  • BIG-10 places four in the TOP-25, not bad. Illinois at #20 is fairly respectable. Our challenge in 2008 will be consistency. We need to demonstrate that the program is moving forward from last year's success. Let's face it, last year was somewhat of a surprise. But with huge games against Mizzou, @ Penn State, @ Michigan, and @Wisconsin we'll have our chances. Sometimes you have to take a step back before you can leap ahead. Look for a solid 2008 campaign (7 wins) but even bigger things in 2009.

So, without further fan-fare - I give you my first TOP-10 of the year (totally meaningless, I grant you that point):

  1. USC - I actually watched the Rose Bowl for four quarters. Nobody has more depth.
  2. Georgia - Show me more than beating Hawaii in New Orleans. Stay out of the papers.
  3. Missouri - Scary team to me. Loaded w/ talent and more experienced than last year.
  4. Oklahoma - Bobby is due for some luck in 2008. Oklahmoma wins its Bowl Game.
  5. Florida - Just how long will Tebow stay healthy? Otherwise, talent/speed to burn.
  6. LSU - Hard to demote the national champs. Shouldn't somebody have to beat them first?
  7. Ohio State - Lots of returning talent. We'll know if they have enough on 09/13 @ USC.
  8. West Virginia - New coach this year. But they still have Pat White.
  9. Texas - Tough conference schedule. Two words - Mac Brown. Two more - 10 wins.
  10. Wisconsin - Why not? PJ Hill and a favorable schedule. All tough games at home.

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