Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Few Thoughts for 2008

Welcome back folks. The chief has emerged from his long off-season slumber after taking it on the chin from USC in the Rose Bowl. How fun was that? Actually, the Rose Bowl was a lot closer affair than the average fan thinks. A few breaks here, a few turnovers there and BAM - it's a whole different ball game. It's a good thing I'm not average. And I did watch the same game on ABC as you did.

But, that was last year and this is this year. Much like you, I've read the articles, seen the pre-season polls, and paroused the power rankings over the past few weeks. Most experts have us finishing 2nd or worse in the BIG-10 this year behind the Ohio State University - great club BTW. Ohio State has a great chance of getting back to the title game in January. Looking forward to that 09/13 matchup with the men of Troy.

Back in Champaign - Urbana, Camp Rantoul is in full swing. It's the 4th year under the Zooker. Everybody and his brother admits that last year was a surprise (9-4). But I'll take it. Because of Zook and his staff, this program has been turned around and is clearly marching in the right direction. But can we match the intensity, performance, and results of last year? It's going to be very tough, especially with our conference schedule (road games @ Penn State, Wisconsin, and Michigan). Sometimes you have to take a step or two backwards before you can move forward. Look out for the Chief in 2009. That is going to be a special year for the Illini Gridders. Stuff that in your pipe and smoke it.

As for this year, 7 wins seem reasonable. It's clealry Juice's team heading into fall practice. Anything more will be another 'exceeds expectations' kind of season. Don't get me wrong, we should shoot for the stars and another BIG-10 Championship. And give Zook some credit. He can coach. Until next time - Oskee Wa Wa; hail to the Chief!

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