Saturday, December 08, 2007

Painting Pasadena Orange

Rose Bowl ticket requests ~ 23K before they go on sale to the general public. Final numbers won't be in until after those go on sale next Tuesday. Unfortunately, at ~ $400 / seat on sites like CRAIG's and STUBHUB, the Chief won't be going to SoCal for New Year's this time. That's OK, he'd prefer the 42" LCD for the same price after you throw in airfare and lodging.

Still yet, just more evidence that the tribe travels well and the Rose Bowl knew what it was doing in selecting ILLINOIS this year. We are more than WORTHY. I expect a big Orange section at the Rose Bowl on January 1 when we take on the Trojans. Look for at least 30K strong, probably ~ 40K ILLINI fans in some form or another, making up a big chunk of the ~100K seating capacity. Keep in mind that the Rose Bowl offers more than twice the ticket allottment to the PAC-10 Champion as the BIG-10 Champion.

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