Friday, February 16, 2007

End of an Era in Champaign

I must say that I knew this day would come. In modern America, there is no room for ultra-tolerance and reason. Chalk this one up to political correctness gone insanely wrong. Hey - at least you know where I stand. But I promise to make it worth your while if you keep reading. The WAR CHANT will put you in the mood.

Today, my Alma Mater caved in to the extreme pressure of the politically correct NCAA with all of its money and influence. In so doing, the end of an 81-year run (1926) has arrived in Champaign. Actually, the last time the chief will dance in public will be next Wednesday against Michigan. You see, the NCAA deemed the buck-skin clad mascot as being 'an offensive use of American Indian imagery". Bite me! Watch his last dance here.

You know the drill. Chief supporters know the truth. American Indian groups and other ultra-liberals have been complaining for years that the mascot is somehow demeaning or degrading. What these pinheads can't see is the image of strength, courage, persevearance, and pride which the chief represents to most rational folks not drinking Kool-Aid. The University really didn't have a choice; it ran out of options months ago after its last appeal failed to convince the NCAA otherwise. Our reward for 'compliance' - now we can host NCAA postseason events like the BIG-10 chess championship!

Eppley said it fairly well, "The Chief Illiniwek tradition inspired and thrilled members of the University of Illinois community for 80 years," board of trustees chairman Lawrence Eppley said Friday. "It was created, carried on and enjoyed by people with great respect for tradition, and we appreciate their dedication and commitment. It will be important now to ensure the accurate recounting and safekeeping of the tradition as an integral part of the history of the university."

God willing, this will happen. I couldn't agree more. We need to preserve our tradition and history before others rewrite it. I'm getting sick of these "restorative" efforts. The make me ill! Until we chat agin, forever yours in the chief - Oskee Wa Wa! At least I graduated before the school was neutered. For more, check out the Q&A: Chief Illiniwek.

Kudos for your passion, I wrote something similar but I ramble much more than you LOL. Go Illini and let's remember the Chief for what he is and was--the symbol we will always be proud of, no matter the ugly controversy.
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