Monday, January 01, 2007

What An Interesting Bowl Season - So Far...

First off, Happy 2k7 to everybody out there in the 'new' flat world. Yes, the pre-Ferdinand and Isabella mapmakers were correct after all. The world is indeed more of a tortilla chip and less like an orb. Where am I going with this? Not sure myself, but I know I'll take you somewhere good with it. First, go read Friedman's Book, THE WORLD IS FLAT and get back to me. But seriously, here's hoping the new year is more peaceful, full of opportunity, and prosperous for all us, especially to our friends in the Muslim world.

Now, back to the 2k6/7 BOWL SEASON for a bit. I mean, what the hell? It's been an interesting run so far to say the least as we head into the major action on New Year's Day. Yes, it's only 5:24AM on the LEFT COAST as I pen this blog entry. What can I say - I'm motivated for success this year; call it a resolution if you like. The early bird gets the worm, or so I'm told. And I'm getting a little hungry. The other ones I have are to get a little more organized and to invest my limited resources a little more wisely. And, I want to lose 5 pounds before the SUPER BOWL. You'll want to check back in a month to see how I'm doing against all three goals.

OK, on to the real content of this article. Like every bowl season, this one has had its ups and downs to date - with more surely to follow in the last remaining days of amped-up holiday action. Isn't this just a grand little game? And after catching at least 5 minutes of every game to date (except for those college bowls on the NFL Channel?), let me start-off with the early disappointments to date before I ramp into some of the highlights of this year's collegiate feast of football.

THE BUMMERS (Disappointmenting losses so far) -
  • First on this list has to be Oregon for not even showing up against BYU in VEGAS.
  • Then there was the UCLA collapse in Frisco against an underachieving FSU squad.
  • And what about my RICE OWLS in the first New Orleans BOWL of the season, losing convincingly to the men from TROY (not SC BTW)?
  • Ugh, the heartache gets worse for me with New Mexico. Oh, those wiley LOBOS. How do you lose a BOWL game played on your home field anyway? Simple, when you don't even deserve to be invited and your coach quits for greener pastures (TULANE).
  • Sure, BAMA let me down against the POKES in probably one of the most exciting games to date (Independence BOWL). But, they weren't favored to win it either.
  • And, what about those TIGERS from CLEMSON (losing to KY in the Music City BOWL)? Clearly, the ones from LSU are much more deserving of virtually the same fight song. These TIGERS are another underachieving team from the ACC (theme here - stay tuned).
  • Oh, don't let me forget the biggest choke job of the season to date, VA TECH (ACC). I know some may disagree here in siding with Minnesota who gave up a 31-point lead to Texas Tech. But, the HOKIES were supposed to have the #1 rated 'D' in the land going up against the lowly Georgia Bulldawgs. An 18 - point lead with 6 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter should have been enough to cement the Chick-Fil-A BOWL. Apparently, Beamers Boys didn't eat enough Chikin' during the pregame meal.
  • As usual, the ACC is killing me again in BOWL SEASON, not just during the regular deal. Combined - CLEMSON, FSU, and VA TECH have cost me 59 to just the 35 gained with Maryland, Miami, and BC. And, still two more ACC games left on the schedule. Yikes! I despise this conference whole heartedly.

EARLY HIGHLIGHTS (Got me my points anyway) -

  • KUDOS to Texas Tech for not giving up against Minnesota in the Insight Bowl a few nights ago. Yes, you go down in history now as having the largest bowl comeback every after making up a 31-point deficit to the Golden Gophers. Ouch Glenn, this one has to hurt going into next season.
  • Ditto for Oregon State in their comback against Missouri. Gutsy call by Riley to go for 2 and the win in regulation. Not sure Bernard made the conversion, but all that matters is the inconclusive decision of the men in stripes who untangled the pile up at the goal line. Note to Missouri and the rest of the nation, don't kick to Sammy!
  • Sentimental victories by Miami (over Nevada) and BC (over NAVY) were also heartwarming to this soul. Not only did both bring me hard-earned MANIA points, but it's good to see two teams from the ACC win a few ball games. Seriously, glad Coker got the win on his way out of Coral Gables through Boise. It looked chilly on the smurf-turf last night.

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