Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ronler Bowl Mania Champ - Mr. Kreskin?

It's over. After the So. Miss rout of Ohio tonight on ESPN the Ronler Bowl Mania Champ for 2k6/7 is the Amazing Kreskin (Not the real G.J. Kresge, but Mr. Chet Lee, himself). Even if he blows the Ohio State pick and his 31 points, nobody can catch him (24-8 or 25-7). Congratulations on a great bowl season of picks. What an amazing ride!

The only questions which remain are where and when to take the Amazing Kreskin to lunch to celebrate his glorious performance. Stay - tuned for more details. I'm not sure what Mr. Lee was thinking as he made his picks this year, but it appears as if his decisive picks involved the following games:

  • USC over Michigan (3 points) - great pick. In retrospect, all I can say to myself is what the hell was I thinking in taking BIG BLUE in the ROSE BOWL with Lloyd Carr up against Pete Carrol.
  • Wisconsin over Arkansas (9 points) - wow, very impressive pick. There had to be some luck here. Nonetheless - awesome pick in taking the BIG - 10 in a bowl game, especially agains the SEC on New Year's Day. Gutty.
  • Miami over Nevada (10 points) - out West in Boise. Holy cow (to quote Harry Caray)! Many took Miami but few put as many points on the CANES in the cold PNW as Mr. Kreskin. Knowledge on display ladies and gentlemen.
  • FSU over UCLA (8 points) - are you kidding me? Who else took FSU anyway? Not many. Chet really likes the Florida teams, accept when they face Ohio State. Great pick.

Looking back on another amazing bowl season of CFB, here are some final observations before the TITLE GAME in Glendale tomorrow night:

1) It's never over until it's over. Yogi Bera had several quotes on this. But seriously, how many games taught us this lesson over and over again over the past 20 days? Probably 8-10, at least.

2) 32 Bowl Games are NOT too many! Yes, that's right. The fact that most DIV 1-A schools have extended seasons is GOOD for CFB. And good for me.

3) However, that being said, it's time for a playoff. Who's the best team in the land right now? Boise State, LSU, Ohio State, Florida, USC - we'll never really know for sure now will we? I would argue that those CAJUN TIGERS from LSU are probably most worthy of the national title. Who played a tougher schedule with 'better' losses? But, it's almost too close to call. We need a playoff. See a previous post back in December on how I propose to fix the BCS once and for all.

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