Monday, January 01, 2007

My Pre Pre Pre Season TOP CFB10

Yes, it's that time of year when we make resolutions for the coming year. After those come to a crashing end in a few weeks, all there is to look forward to is the upcoming CFB season (only 243 days away). Sure, lots will happen off the field between now and next September. Recruiting comes to a finale in February with signing day. That being said, here is my Pre Pre Pre Season TOP-10 for 2k7. Of course, this is subject to change frequently given the volatile nature of the game we all love (coaching, players, programs, etc..). So, without further a - do, here is my pre pre pre season TOP-10 for next year:

1) USC - any doubt? Ohio State beats Michigan by 3. USC beats Michigan by 14. Hmmm.
2) Michigan. They'll bounce-back nicely after this loss. And, are fully loaded with seniors.
3) Texas. I sense a trend here. Colt McCoy will have another big year in Austin.
4) Florida. The gators may lose the title game next week. They'll be SEC east favorites in 2k7.
5) West Virginia. Rich is back. So are most of the big-time playmakers on offense.
6) LSU. These Tigers are for real. Especially with Russell at QB for his last year. Maybe.
7) Tennessee. Ainge will be a senior next year. Will that make a difference?
8) CAL. Offense remains basically unchanged (w/o Lynch). Defense a slight concern.
9) Arkansas. More maturity at the QB position.
10) Mid-Major / BCS Buster of Choice.

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