Monday, January 01, 2007

FIESTA for the Ages...

Years from now, I will remember where I was when Boise State beat mighty Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. This was just one of those games. Aside from last year's title game between Texas and USC, this had to be the most exciting football game ever played (at least as far as I can remember). 43-32 BLUE! 85 total points. Yes, the boys with the SMURF TURF showed-up and beat the mighty SOONERS in a 15-rounder for the ages. Never say die. Another real world David versus Goliath story. But was this game the best ever?

Maybe not, but if you missed it, you just missed everything great about CFB. I'm done apologizing to all of those NFL guys out there (social deviants). This is the best team game on the planet. Period! Pick sixes, 4th and longs, two-point conversions, hook and ladders, option rollouts, and even the famous statue of liberty for victory. Wow. What a game in Glendale. Here's hoping the BCS TITLE game is 1/2 as interesting. Too bad USC lost to UCLA last month. A Trojan / Buckeye matchup is sounding better and better with each passing moment.

Are you ready for a playoff yet? The time has come. For the 5th time in BCS history a team with an undefeated record will be denied the opportunity to play for the national title. What a shame, especially this year with Boise State. It is only the 2nd time that a non BCS conference team won a BCS game (UTAH under Meyer = 1st). What a perfect night for Boise State. Right after the game, Ian Johnson proposed to his girlfriend at mid-field, helmet in one hand and ring in the other. She said yes.

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