Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I know it's the middle of bowl season, but hey - it's never to early to look forward to the upcoming regular season, especially if you are an ILLINI football fan. And, that's what this blog entry is all about: THE FUTURE of ILLINOIS FOOTBALL!

When you think about ILLNOIS football under Ron Zook (4-19 overall), winning tradition doesnt' come to mind. Nor does a recruiting power. And for now, you might be right about the former you'd be dead wrong about the latter. Illinois is currently ranked #12 in the nation by RIVALS.COM when it comes to next year's signing class. Wow, not shabby given our lack of winning lately.

We've landed some major names over the pat few months: McCray, Benn, and Wilson - all best in their respective positions. And, as we all know, CFB is all about people and personnel in every position from the AD's office to the coaches on the sideline. This is an interesting article to read, even if you're not an ILLINI fan. How does a coach with a career 27-33 record find a way to lure this talent?

Speaking about his decision to go with the Illini over his more prestigious suitors, Wilson told the Chicago Tribune he felt comfortable with the Illini's coaching staff -- specifically Zook. "I like this dude," said Wilson. "He wasn't an uptight white coach." Hopefully Zook will still be in Champaign in a few years to reap the benefits of his hard work off the field.

Now, all I want for Christmas is a good spring practice. The FUTURE of ILLINOIS football is taking shape on the recruiting trail this season. Hopefully, all of the hardwork off the field will pay-off handsomely come next September with the season opener against Mizzouri.

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