Saturday, November 25, 2006

Finally - an ILLINI Football Victory (In Recruiting)

Here he comes - to Champaign. From Scouts.Com: 'He had the best schools in the country offering him scholarships on the first day they could. He took visits to schools that have won national championships and play in New Year’s Bowl games every single year. He sat in stadiums with 70,000 people in it watching games that the entire country wished they could be at. Arrelious “Regis” Benn could have picked any school in the entire country. He could have gone to USC, he could have gone to Notre Dame and he could have stayed home to play for his home-town Terrapins. Instead he chose to play his football in Champaign.When Regis Benn stood at the podium on Thursday evening and announced he was going to be an Illini it was more than just a verbal commitment. His decision to play for Coach Zook announced to the entire country that the Illinois football program wasn’t a laughingstock anymore and it told everyone across the country that Illinois and Champaign were back on the college football map.If one of the best—if not the best—wide receivers in the country from Washington D.C. commits to a school that is 2-8 and hasn’t had a winning season in years people take notice. And you know what they should take notice.Regis Benn could have been a maintainer. He could have gone to the schools that were going to bowl games every single year and that already had their stadiums packed every Saturday. Instead he chose to join Coach Zook and the rest of the program in trying to build Illinois into a consistent winner. Don’t think for a second that the rest of that country (including a whole heck of a lot of recruits) didn’t take notice when Benn put on that Illini hat. The Martez Wilson’s, Josh Brent’s, Robert Hughes’s and dare I say Marvin Austin’s (ok, I am getting greedy) of the world just might decide to follow Benn’s lead. Let the dominoes begin to fall!There’s no question it was a monumental day for the Illini football program. When you add the commitment of Thornton wide receiver—Anthony Morris (whose commitment could end up being just as important down the roadHere comes Benn.'

It wouldn't be because of some difficult entrance requirements at USC, Notre Dame and Maryland? :)
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