Saturday, October 28, 2006

Week #9 PICK EM Wrap. Down Goes Troy!

CFB - I love this game. Click Clack. Be here or be nowhere. I hate my picks. Well, it was a wild Saturday in CFB today even with some less than stellar matchups. KUDOS to the men from Corvallis and the BEAVER NATION for taking care of business today against the men of TROY. Sure they had to hold on for dear life at the end, but the BEAVERS beat Carroll's crew today in a BCS buster. The BEAVERS are hot! They beat UW in Seattle a few weeks ago. Last weekend they beat the WILDCATS in Tucson. And today in Corvallis....they beat the men of TROY. Oh my golly......when you play with fire sooner or later you're going to get burned. Case in point today for USC. You have to be sound in the kicking game, and you can't turn it over on the road expecting to win (4 USC turnover today sealed the deal for Oregon State).

Wow, what will this mean for the BCS rankings this week? Most of us thought that USC was going to lose sometime in the regular season. They have been playing on borrowed time most of the year - in my opinion. But, most of us probably didn't think it would happen today in Corvallis. I think the BEAVERS have only beaten the Trojans twice in thirty-something years. And today was one of those days. Lots of records were thrown out today with this loss - the Trojan's first in conference since 2003, wow! 38 consecutive regular-season wins; gone. What a huge upset. Some teams will benefit from this result today (WV/Louisville) and others will lose big-time (Notre Dame). The BEAVERS made the big plays and capitalized on them with TD's when they had to. For the BEAVERS and their nation it probably doesn't get much sweeter than this.

And with their 2nd biggest comeback in history, the HORNS beat the RED RAIDERS in Lubbock tonight in another classic BIG-12 showdown. This just in, Colt McCoy is good. What's even more interesting is that his girlfriend attends Texas Tech. What's going to happen in Lubbock tonight with those two? Give Glory to God Colt for he is indeed Great! And not a shabby comeback either. He's only a freshmen ladies and gentlemen. Give credit to TEXAS and their defense in the 2nd half for completely shutting down TEXAS TECH. This was a big game for TEXAS given the USC loss today. Mac Brown says that Lubbock is one of the hardest places to play and win. And for 4 weeks in a row, TEXAS has comeback for the victory and remains undefeated on TBS. What a great game. Up next for the HORNS? Those Cowboys from Stillwater (Oklahoma State) who spanked Nebraska in the 2nd half of that one (only their 4th win over Nebraska in 41 years). For now, I give thanks for my nine points on TEXAS on this massacre of days.

How about those last four games in PICK EM? I mean every one of them could have gone the other way: Texas beats Texas Tech, Maryland beat FSU on a blocked field goal which would have tied it, ASU over UW in OT on a TD pass from Carpenter, and TN over the other USC coming back in the 4th quarter for the win. So many points were up for the grabbin'. And it looks like I didn't grab too many of them. Ugh! Not a good weekend for Mr. Fightin' Illini or his team from Champaign-Urbana. First my squad threw away a 14 - point lead at Camp Randall (Wisconsin), and then this debacle of debacles. Oh, and by the way we get the BUCKS at home next weekend as a reward. Then again, maybe, just maybe, we'll find a way. The ghost of Red Grange lives on in the halls of Memorial Stadium. Hey, it's college football. Anything can happen. Hunker-down Illini - Oskee Wa Wa!

What happened in Columbia with Missouri against Okalhoma? I'll tell ya. Too many turnovers by the men in black. Three in fact, which cost the TIGERS the game and me 7 points. Ugh! I can't complain too much about the other losses but I will (I had four of them today for a total loss of 15 points - Ugh!). This was not a good day. Looks like I'm 12 points behind Mr. KIWI. Honestly, I had my concerns about it heading into the games today. Too many mediocre teams on the road and too many losses. Although, it can probably be said I got a bit greedy today by putting 7 points on the TIGERS from Columbia against a pretty good Oklahoma squad w/o Adrian Peterson. I just blew the pick on this game (ignoring the SOONER dominant history of late). Ohio and Air Force all over again. Ugh! If I could only have three picks back this year. Time to get serious. I have some ground to make-up over the next month.

Nobody in our group beat GOLIC this week. He's on fire over the past month. This was a tough week - a lot more like last year. Hopefully we'll get more of them like this. KUDOS to Mr. Kiwi and his 45 points this week. He takes over first place for the first time this year. Man, those picks were gutsy: 9 points on Tennessee and 8 points on Maryland. Good for you. Congratulations on the solid week. And for only the 2nd time this season we had another separation Saturday. I'm hoping for 4 more down the stretch with 4 more weeks to go. Other honorable mention winners today: Mr. Grinning Beaver (J. Lang), Red Raider Attack (Cesar), RAS, and SCHOLL. And watchout for the Photonic Cowboy himself, (Patriacca). He posted a 45 this week and maybe, just maybe, just maybe - that will spark his comeback this year. Remember what he did last year coming back from way down to win it all in November. Where have you been Paulie? If you've played every week this year you're in the top 80% in the nation. Strong group.

For only the 5th time ever in BUCKEYE history somebody else dotted the eye other than a bandmember in Columbus today. Yes, that was Jack Nicklaus who did the honors at halftime when the band was on the field forming the script OHIO. This just in, Ohio State is good. Might as well give Troy Smith the Heisman now. I mean come on, is there any doubt anymore? Pretty amazing that today was their first shut-out in something like 10 years. And, of the 6 unbeatens in college football, Ohio State seems to be the most solid. Yes indeed, they are in the driver's seat. It's their title to lose this year.
  • It's all about Ohio State right now. Nobody else really has a prayer, including BIG BLUE.
  • Tennessee is good. Very very good under the leadership of Ainge (Mr. Hillsboro). Big win for the VOLS today in Columbia.
  • Same for Florida. Although, maybe just maybe the VOLS are better than the GATORS right now. They held on today to beat a curious Georgia squad in the world's biggest cocktail party or something like that.
  • Auburn and BIG BLUE both won today, in surprisingly close games. What's up there?
  • Welcome back Notre Dame. Good win today in Annapolis (even though it was NAVY). Something like 43 consecutive wins over the Middies. Yikes! That's a trend. You should move up in the polls this week; don't worry Charlie! Stop whinin'!
  • And for more poetic justice, TEMPLE won today for the first time in twenty tries. And guess whom they beat? Bowling Green. Yes, the very same team that cost me 7 points a few weeks ago against Ohio in PICK EM. Ugh! This world is really chaotic.
  • How about those COWBOYS from Stillwater (OSU). They handed Nebraska it's 2nd straight loss today. BIG-12 SOUTH is a lot better than the NORTH, still.
  • Wow, both FSU and Miami lost today. How about those Jackets from Atlanta? Thank you Georgia Tech. Urban Meyer owns the state of Florida this year, and maybe for years to come. Not sure how much longer Bowden and Coker will remain in the their positions. For FSU, it's their worth start since 1976 - Bowden's first year at FSU. 4 conference losses in one year for the Noles; ouch!
My TOP 20: 1) Ohio State, 2) Jack Nicklaus, 3) All things BUCKEYE RED, 4) Michigan, 5) West Virginia, 6) TEXAS, 7) Florida, 8) Tennessee, 9) Louisville, 10) Notre Dame, 11) CAL, 12) USC, 13) RUTGERS (SUNJ), 14) Arkansas, 15) LSU, 16) BC, 17) Oklahoma, 18) Wisonsin, 19) Georgia Tech, 20) Boise State. AP Poll.

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