Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hello November - Goodbye October ....

It happens every year. Just as the seasons change, so to does the college football calendar. September is about the new beginning, a rebirth of sorts if you will. It's the month we've been waiting for all summer. Most teams are energized about the upcoming campaign. Hopes of contending for the title or just even making it to a bowl game abound from coast to coast. October is all about position and placement. Championships and titles aren't won in Ocotober but they can be lost with one bad snap, a missed tackle, or a blown coverage. Yep, October is about positioning yourself in the tall grass waiting for the water buffalo to make his next move. We get a taste of what could be when the first BCS rankings come out. We also start to learn who's a contender and who's a pretender as conference races heat up.

So why am I so psyched about November? Ah yes, November is about making the move to glory. November is about separation from the field. November is about do or die. Some of the biggest games of each season are played in November. Actually, just about all of the big games in a given year are played in November. I learned tonight that there will be college football on 19 of the next 26 days leading up to the Saturday after Thanksgiving. What else can I ask for? Some of the biggest games of the year will be played: Michigan @ Ohio State, WV @ Louisville, Notre Dame @ USC, Texas @ Texas A&M, and the list goes on and on. November is rivalry month where just about anything can happen and usually does each and every weekend.

Same can be said for PICK EM. You can't win it until November. The rivalry games this month provide fantastic opportunites for separation just about each and every week. It's where we learn about the best from the rest. Knowledge of the game and the best teams is what separates the leaders from the rest of the pack. I don't expect this year to be any different than past campaings. So enjoy November. The best games of the year are played this month. Some folks look forward to bowl season. Not me. If given the choice between the caliber of football played in November versus December / January I'll take the next four weeks over bowl season every time.

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