Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And Now that September is in the books....

Well, what a first month or so of PICK EM. September is now officially in the books. There are 9 winless teams and 13 unbeaten teams in CFB. The best team of the month w/o question has to be Ohio State putting its pre-season critics to bed. Obviously, Miami FL has been a disappointment this year. The BIG EAST is somewhat surprising with WV, Louisville, Pitt, Syracuse, and Rutgers making strong cases that they belong in the TOP-25. This first weekend in October promises to be another great weekend of football with the Red-River Shootout, CAL / OREGON, and LSU / FLORIDA all in action. Enjoy the games this week.

And, with September now in the books it's time to hand-out the first PICK EM grades of the season. Yes, yours truly will breakdown the competition after the first 5 weeks of PICK EM. Keep in mind that it's still early and anything can happen. This is really a marathon and not a sprint. All this being said, some of us performed a little better than others through the first five weeks of the season. And yes, there are some surprises in the standings. So, w/o further hype - here are my early-season grades. And remember, don't hate the game or your relative rank, just your lousy picks. Here we go...

The A's -

Draw a line just under the Kiwi Who Can't Beat! As much as it pains me to say this, those in 4th place on up to the top (Mr. Triton Power) earn the letter A. Congratulations on a good start to Bothwell, Hamilton, Oliver, Rasmussen, and Warddrip. I wish you good luck as you try to hold on to those lofty ranknigs going forward. You'll need it.

The B's -

Tough call here, but I'll go with the 90% rankings. Yes, this barely includes me. I know, I can see the hate mail pouring in right now. But the line has to be drawn somewhere. And for now it starts with Golic and and ends with Reggie Redbird. This group is off to a good start, but nothing spectacular by PICK EM standards. Nontheless, relish in your early-season accomplishments. This group has potential to really make a statement in the coming weeks, one way or another.

The C's -

Don't fret if you find yourself in this group. It's still early and just about anything can and will happen before it's all over. At least it's easier for me to identify this group. Draw a line just under the grinning Beaver (Mr. John Lang). On the high side of this bracket is the Damn Building Quacker himself, Mr. Freiley. This is a good group characterized by relative inconsistency week to week. Some interesting names find themselves in this bracket including our champion from last year who seems to be repeating his losing ways early in the season: The Photonic Cowboy - Paulie P.

The D's -

These folks might need some help. Not that it's over by any means. Stinky Pete leads this group of marginalized entries. Most of these folks have a hard time playing week in and week out. Some have trouble even logging into their picks. :-) This being said, they're not out of the race just yet since the system is designed to help the poor, the oppressed, the downtrodden, and those left behind. Yes, I'm talking about you if you're not above 70% for the year at this point. Get on it; you have some work to do!

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