Saturday, September 16, 2006

Week #3 PICK EM Wrap!

Wow, what a weekend of CFB. It's been 13 years since so many ranked teams played each other on a Saturday in the fall. 14 ranked teams went at each other today. It lived up to all of the advanced billing too. 4 of the 8 big games were decided on the last play or final possession. Hopefully, you had a chance to catch some of the best games today. Saturdays like today remind me why I love this game: controversy, passion, OT, comebacks, letdowns, upsets, blow-outs, and unexplained showings. I'm spent. I'm done. I'm a wreck. Send in the back-up. Here's the FOX ROUNDUP in case you missed any of it.

KUDOS to Mike Klinkenborg (#40 left) the Iowa Linebacker who played like hell today after burrying his father 3 days ago (heart attack). This guy symbolizes CFB and life. There is no better drama out there in Hollywood. I was almost in tears watching this guy go at it all afternoon against the cyclones. Is there a better game on the planet? Come on - are you kidding me? No way. I am all worn out tonight. Check me into therapy. I'll take two and call you on Monday. How about BC over BYU? Great game that went to 2OT. BYU came to play and had their chances. Same for BC in regulation. In the end, BC made just a few more plays for the big victory. Wow - pretty exciting stuff. Note to everybody else: don't go to OT against BC. They don't lose. Here's what we learned on Saturday.

Congrats to Mr Watch This (Jesse)! Very impressive 47 points today. Same for Reggie Redbird who's our new leader with 46 today. Definitely some separation today. Mr. ACC BIAS had the best of the week with his 52 points. Are you kidding me? How do you put 5 on Louisville, 8 on Clemson, and 10 points on Floriday? Do you know about the point system and how it should toggle? Yikes, still impressive.

What happened to the BIG 12 today who went 2-7, and no wins against BCS conference teams? Wow, that's amazing. Oklahoma, TT, Iowa State, Nebraska, and Colorado all went down hard today. Oh, I feel for those poor BUFFS. Texas Tech looked pathetic today against TCU in the 12-3 loss. Ouch! Tough weekend for this conference. TCU owns the nation's longest winning streak now at 13. Huh? Criminiello offers some insight into the Horned Frogs and the BIG-12 in his QUICK OUTS.

How many close games were there today? College Football Final has you covered if you missed any of the key action. It was almost too much football to handle. Yes, I admit. It was almost football overload. Clearly, the SEC is the BEST conference in the land. How about that LSU / AUBURN game on the high plains? That was probably one of the most physical games I've seen in years. I'm still in pain and I sat in my smoking chair all afternoon. Send me to the trainer, please. What about FSU and CLEMSON? Son beats daddy. Both Miami and FSU lost today. Both are done in terms of any NATIONAL TITLE hopes. Michigan is BACK. Notre Dame is out. The Wolverines took the IRISH to the wood-shed today. Ouch. I'm sure the Rose - Bowl Committee will breathe a little easier today with this victory by BIG-BLUE; since it looks like Ohio State will get an automatic title-game bid by the BCS. Who is the next best team in the PAC-10 behind USC? Does it matter? Ah, so many questions. Fiutak provides a few answers in his 5 Thoughts for the Week.

Then there was the DUCK / SOONER game. See for yourself here. What can I say. Both teams played well enough to win. How good is AP? Answer = very good. Honestly, Oklahoma was a victim of some pretty poor or biased officiating. It's been a while since I've seen that in CFB. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a SOONER fan, but if any objective eye reviews the tape of today's game it's quite clear what happened and who played the part. Not only did the DUCKS have the 12th - man in the crowd, but they also had the 13th and 14th men on the field in the form of the men in stripes. Then there were Brandt and Fouts in the booth (make that 15th and 16th men). They were pro-DUCK from the start and didn't make any attempts to hide their support for the program. No surprises there, I guess. Oh my, tough loss for the SOONERS. Did they really loose? AP had over 200 yards rushing. Didn't matter. The PAC-10 officials were the difference in this one. But hey, congrats to Bellotti and the DUCKS who are now 5-0 versus ranked non-conference opponents. Watch-out, what goes around comes around coach. Instant replay was a disaster for the PAC-10 conference today. Ahhh!

I have to send some love out to both Auburn and LSU. What a great game. This was WAR and a SLUGFEST. Hopefully you didn't miss this game. It was a battle of battles. What a physical game. The SEC is th BEST conference in the land, bar none. It's not even close. The speed, the skill, the strength, the defense, the offense, and the grid-iron acumen is so evident that there is the SEC and everybody else. Period. Kenny Irons is a gladiator. He knows no stop. This is really an amazing series, something special in CFB today. A touchdown in this series really is cause for a legal holiday. A total of 6 points separates the two teams since the 2000 season. Amazing. Since 2k2, Auburn leads LSU 72-70. The SEC, and especially this series, is probably the closest thing you'll find in the NFL with all of its advantages and virtually none of the drawbacks.

Actually, the PAC-10 is only really the PAC -1; USC. The BIG-12 is down this year as well. The BIG -10 is all about Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio State - big surprise. The ACC is a mess with Clemson and BC emerging as the best. What about the BIG EAST? Just WV who plays nobody good this year. I mean come on: Florida, LSU, Auburn, Gerogia, and even Tennessee are the class of the country. My Heisman leaders: Smith, Peterson, and Irons. Then, everybody else. Heimsan Watch. Here's my TOP 10: 1) OHIO STATE, 2) AUBURN (for Paulie), 3) USC, 4) FLORIDA, 5) WV, 6) LSU, 7) MICHIGAN, 8) GEORGIA, 9) LOUISVILLE, 10) TEXAS.

Pretenders: Notre Dame, Miami (U = Ugly), FSU, Texas, Tennessee, and probably Georgia.
Contenders: Ohio State, Auburn, USC, WV, Florida, Michigan, Louisville, Iowa, TCU, Boise State.

Looking at the remaining schedules, I'd say the inside track to the BCS game goes through Columbus and LA. Here are the latest bowl projections according to Darst. Hard to see either the Trojans or the BUCKEYES losing another game before the end of the regular season. Neither conference has a championship game either; unlike the ACC, SEC, and BIG-12. Auburn might sneak in there to play one of these two teams but they still have tough games both at home and on the road against other SEC rivals: Florida (home), Georgia (home), but @ Alabama (iron-bowl game). Then there is the tough SEC Championship. I don't see USC having any trouble with the remainder of its very weak conference schedule (PAC-10) this year. Toughest tests might come @ Arizona and at home against Oregon, CAL, or Notre Dame before travelling across town to take on UCLA in the Rose Bowl to end the season. We shall see how this pans out. Here's the latest AP TOP 25. Looks about right. Notre Dame falls out of the TOP-10, and both TT and Miami fall out of the TOP 25. For the CANES, it's the first time out of the TOP 25 since 1999. Oregon jumps 5 spots to #13 behind ND. I like Auburn at #2. Welcome Clemson and Boise State. Love the Broncos! Ooh - Rah!

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