Saturday, September 09, 2006

Week #2 PICK EM Wrap!

It wasn't much of a separation Saturday today afterall. Jsut about everybody did well with the picks. Congrats to Olivertwist, Triton Power, RAS, the JUCO Poser, Huser Nation, and Aggies Rebound who all lit it up for 55 points this weekend. I think Mr. Trecker had a perfect week by predicting the Oregon / Fresno score as well. Wow! But, come on, you had to admit the Colorado / Colorado State game was a total coin flip which could have gone either way. Clearly, the cream is starting to rise to the top in terms of the usual contenders. I've said it before and you might even hear me mention it one or two more times going forward, you can't win the Ronler PICK EM CHAMP title in September, but you sure can lose it there. It's a long season, a marathon if you will.

Wow, how about those Irish? What happened to Penn State? Ohio State looked stout tonight in Austin against a young Texas squad. I've said it before, it comes down to QB play; and tonight was about Troy Smith and Company. They looked really good against a strong Texas defense. I love these early season clahses - CFB and America needs more of them going forward. We need less mayhem in the streets of Columbus.

Biggest upset of the day had to be NC STATE losing at home to Akron. FSU, Tennessee, and IOWA all had major scares, but all three escaped with the precious W's today in their games. Biggest win, probably Ohio State which now controls its own destiny. Remember what this win did last year for Texas? How do you put a price on confidence in CFB? The BUCKS look large and in charge right now. Auburn continues to roll heading into next week's SEC showdown. Check - out CFB FINAL by ESPN for a complete look at week #2.

Notre Dame looked great today at home against PSU. Same for Georgia on the road in Columbia against the Gamecocks. LSU rolled at home against Arizona setting up a huge matchup next weekend against Auburn. Wake Forest gave me more stress than I signed - up for today in their close win at home against Duke.

Everything else went according to plan or script. If you have a veteran QB calling your signals this year you're in good shape. Right now, the teams on top has juniors and seniors leading them up and down the field. That position is making all the difference (Ohio State, USC, Notre Dame, Auburn, LSU, etc...). Here's the ESPN TOP-25 Overview. Next weekend is Showdown Saturday in CFB. If you watch any games all year make sure you tune - in next Saturday. Here are some of the matchups: Michigan @ ND, LSU @ Auburn, Nebraska @ SC, Oklahoma @ Oregon, and Florida @ Tennessee. Wow, could be the best weekend of the year.

My top 10 (USA Today Coaches' Poll):

1) Ohio State, 2) Notre Dame, 3) Auburn, 4) USC, 5) WV, 6) Florida, 7) LSU, 8) Texas, 9) Georgia, 10) Oklahoma. Ducks are on the verge.

And, if you prefer the AP poll instead. Oregon is in the top-20 right behind Tennessee. We'll see what happens after next weekend. And, is that BC in #25? Heisman Race: Smith vs. Quinn and then everybody else. Both QB's had great games today on huge stages in CFB. On to Showdown Saturday. Let's see how things shake out this week when the power schools in the power conferences start beating up on each other a little. Enough of the cream-puffs already. I'm ready for some real football this Saturday. Check - out the latest ESPN Power Rankings.

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