Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Too Much Controversy in CFB These Days

I mean really, by now we all know about Oregon and Oklahoma. Same for LSU and Auburn. Bad calls are bad calls and CAN often change the outcome of a game. But rarely, if ever, are they the sole reason why one team wins and another loses. I've said it before, there are usually 60 plays on offense, 60 on defense, and 20 on special teams. What about the other 138 plays Boren?

But seriously, there's too much whining and complaining in the game we all love and that's bumming me out. Don't get me wrong, I like controversy and trash talk as much as any other guy. See prior blog postings in the archives for proof. Today we learn the USC is pissed-off at Musburger for disclosing a team signal last weekend in the Nebraska game when it was well in hand. Apparently, Brent disclosed privileged information during the 4th quarter of the game while doing the play by play commentary. I mean come on already. We're talking about a hand signal used to communicate to his wide outs that there is a certain coverage shown by the defense which triggers a play change at the line of schrimmage. Asked about Musburger's on-air revelations, USC coach Pete Carroll said with a laugh, "Just wondering what they're going to tell us next. I'm not worried about it. There's a million signals, a million ways to do it."

So enough of the name-calling, death threats, whining, and lame notes from college presidents to conference commissioners. Let's all find a way to let the play on the field speak for itself. If any of us has learned anything from last weekend it should be how petty and foolish you can look after a game when criticizing officials and bad calls as opposed to seeking the truth within. Last I checked the refs didn't block the field goal or make a game-saving tackle on the three-yard-line. Oregon and Auburn made the big plays down the stretch to win their games. And, I'm sure Nebraska and the rest of the country didn't learn too much from Brent Musburger's disclosure that John David Booty uses the hang-loose sign to signal a play-change at the line of schrimmage.

The funny thing about the USC signal that Musburger "revealed" on air is that the USC Quarterback told Brent about it. How secret is it if the Quarterback can't keep his mouth shut?
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