Monday, September 11, 2006

It's Only September - Bowl Predictions & More! Week #3 PICK EM Update.

I know some of you out there are asking yourselves right now what the heck is he thinking by writing this post. It's only September, 09/11 to be exact. Yes, I know. Bare with me on this one; it's going to get better. After what we witnessed this weekend (mainly in Austin, TX) are there any doubts that the road to the BCS Title Game in Glendale, AZ is paved with BUCKEYE RED and TROJAN CRIMSON? I mean come on - who are the two best teams in the land right now? Ask yourself if that's going to change anytime soon. Logical answer -> NO. So, this article makes some sense.

FOX lays it all on the line (this week) in predicting that the BUCKS will face the TROJANS on Jan. 8, 2007 for the national championship. I can't disagree right now. After all, do you expect Ohio State to lose on the road in Iowa City to the Hawkeyes. Me neither. What about the Trojans? Will they lose at home late in the year to Notre Dame? Pretty much the same answer - NO. Of course things could change. Injury is a huge part of this sport. So are winning and losing the last time I checked. But realistically, it's all about USC and Ohio State right now. Isn't that a sexy title game?

They have Auburn taking on Louisville in the Sugar Bowl (hint). Florida State should face West Virginia (hint hint) in Miami at the Orange Bowl. And yes, that's right - TEXAS and Boise State at the Fiesta Bowl. Which leaves the poor Rose Bowl having to invite Notre Dame and Florida. That's like having a turkey sandwich and potato salad on Thanksgiving. Can you imagine an independent school (ND) and an SEC school in the Rose Bowl? Me neither. But, it could very well happen (hint hint hint). Click on the link for an interesting read. At least you can save it and look back in a few months and have a good laugh.

In his FORDE - yard dash, Pat sounds off the games this week on what could be the best Saturday in years. Don't miss this read. There's even a plug for my ILLINI in what he calls a premium BCS pillow-fight. Yes! Is this really the first Separation Saturday of the season, or another over-hyped day of CFB? BTW, would that really be such a bad thing? It's probably 10x better than any over-hyped NFL event.

And, in case you're wondering I'm taking the ILLINI this weekend at home against Syracuse in the bounce-back game of the week. Hell, if we win it could be the bounce-back game of the year, right? We've played the CUSE 10 times and have 9 wins (history tells us). OK, the last two games were in 1981 and 1982 under Coach White. So, it's been a while. But we're still 6-1 verus the ORANGE in Champaign. Overall, we're 19-6 against the BIG - EAST. Couple of other interesting notes:

1) We feature 15 true freshmen on our team with game time under their belts. All have seen action this year. Only Temple has played more through the first two weeks.

2) We played 62 players in the home opener; 21 making their first starts.

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