Friday, September 29, 2006

Iowa and Ohio State - Bigger than Big!

I'm a Midwest kind of guy. I love the Cowboys and the Bulls, especially when they win. You won't find better meat in ths country than what they offer in Chicago - the world's meat market. Dogs, burgers, steaks, brats, polish, Italian beef, and on and on and on and on. I really don't think any other city int the world eats as well as Chicago.

So I know what the Iowa / Ohio State game means to Iowa and the Midwest. It's huge. This will be just the 2nd night game at Kinnick in 78 years. The last night game there was 1992 when they lost to #1 Miami. Iowa is a miserable 0-9-1 when they face #1 in America. Not that many other teams are much better. But, the last three games versus #1 have been routs.

When they tee it up and kick it off under the lights at Kinnick Saturday night it will be for more than just a win; it's about having the undivided attention of the country on Iowa City and the heartland of America. Let's go pick some corn, drink a few beers, and eat a few braats. This should be a great game. Saturday night football on ABC. Ohio State versus Iowa.

"You can't beat the feeling you have coming out of Kinnick on a Saturday night. It's just going to be fantastic," Ferentz said. "But it's still our job to do a good job during the football game. That's where our focus is."

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