Saturday, September 16, 2006

Illinois Football - A New Low Each Week...

Ugh, not much I can say here other than we are probably the worst team in DIV 1A. Losing at home today to a pathetic Syracuse squad only makes us that much more pathetic. I don't see us winnning again ever if this trend keeps up. There is no skill, acumen, or passion on this ILLINI squad under ZOOK. Last week I posed the question out there should ZOOK stay? After this week's embarrassing loss, I submit to you that there is no other answer than NO. It pains me to say it, but I don't see him as our leader in the future. Next week Iowa comes to town. God help us please. I'm asking for a little mercy here. RECAP of the pillow fight which we lost. Ugh! Our best move for the rest of the season is to play as many of the 'young' freshmen as possible. This is serious. If I were the coach I would give as many of the underclassmen that deserve it the gametime they need to develop. This year is over.

The best thing we can do with it is to build for the future. I don't see another win on our schedule this year. Yikes, that includes Ohio, Indiana, and Northwestern. Not good. Basketball cant' come soon enough this year. Hang in there Juice, next year is sooner than you think. Here's the ugly BOX SCORE. Check out this MP3 from Wyldebunch. It's a pretty-cool musical way to capture the emotion and passion of CFB. Fox uses it on their pre-game show. STOMP THOSE BLEACHERS. Enjoy the hip-hop mojo here.

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