Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The History of #1 versus #2 - Who Ususally Wins?

When #1 Ohio State invades Austin this weekend to face #2 Texas it won't be the first time a #1 and a #2 have met in the regular season. But it will mark the first time a #1 and a #2 have battled so early in the season (week 2). It's been 10 years since such a regular season match-up has occurred (1996 when #2 FSU beat #1 Florida). Interesting little expose' by CBS. 35 times since created in 1936, #1 has played #2. The first game was in 1943 when #1 Notre Dame beat #2 Michigan 35-12. Notre Dame is a common theme in this statistical breakdown. I keep forgetting how good Army was back in the 40's. Interestingly enough, the last time #1 and #2 played was for the title last year in the Rose Bowl when TEXAS with VY prevailed. Hook 'Em. Overall, the pollsters seem to get it right. #1 has won 22 games while losing 11 times. There were two ties.

What If Sports ran the numbers through their super computer (which hasn't picked anything correctly that I can think of) to see who would win this weekend: Ohio State or Texas. They actually have a complete box score and play by play summary. Check it out to see who wins the virtual match-up between the two monsters of the game today. Texas Vs. Ohio State. Here are some interesting YOUTUBE footage floating around the net:

Power rankings for week #2 came out last night. Mandel has Ohio State #1 and Texas #3 behind the Irish. Hmmm......makes for interesting theater. Actually, I'm already getting sick of the hype and just hope the game is as good as the advanced billing. Bring it on already. I just checked the VEGAS ODDS, and Texas is a slim 2.5 point favorite as of tonight. That could change by Saturday depending on who's eligible to play. Sin city also likes Boise State by 8 over the Beavs and Notre Dame by 7 over the Lions. In case you wondering, Rutgers is a 10.5 point favorite over Illinois (ugh! - we've really fallen hard here). Coach Zook on Rutgers and the upcoming road trip and other topics incluiding Juice Williams.

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