Wednesday, August 30, 2006

PS2 and NCAA2k7 Video Game Predictions

Why not? Everybody else and his brother seems to have a poll, or a ranking, or a blog space to rant and rave about what will happen this year. As if they all have crystal balls. I say to you then, why not the XBOX or PS2? Schrager (FOX SPORTS) takes this task head on. He did his homework with all of the teams updated complete with gamdeday rosters. And, after 30 minutes of scores, graphics, and fight-song music blasting on the surround-system, here's what the PS2 came up with for this year. Remember, it's only a game. Clink on the link to see how things actually turned out from the Heisman winner to the national champ. I gotta say that these match-ups don't look that bad right now. They're going to use the system each and every week to simulate the 10 biggest games as well. Have fun:

BCS bowl matchups:

Rose Bowl: Michigan (at-large) vs. Arizona State (Pac-10 champs)
Final score: Arizona State wins 48- 45 (2OT)

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech (ACC champs) vs. West Virginia (Big East champs)
Final score: West Virginia wins 21-18

Sugar Bowl: Florida (SEC champs) vs. USC (at-large)
Final score: USC wins 37-27

Fiesta Bowl: Texas (at-large) vs. Notre Dame (at-large)
Final score: Notre Dame wins 31-10

National championship: Oklahoma (BCS No. 2) at Ohio State (BCS No. 1)
Final score: Ohio State wins 28-21
MVP: Antonio Pittman: 19 carries, 99 yards, 3 Touchdowns

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