Monday, August 21, 2006

Pick - Em Predictions & Odds for this year....

Well, our 5th year of PICK-EM is upon us. I've said it before, but this is the most legal fun you'll have with your PC. If you're new to the game; WELCOME. No worries.

This game is wide open anyway. We don't play for money. And no matter what happens, don't hate the game just your lousy weekend picks. Without further hoopla, here are the official 'Vegas Odds' as I see them going into the season. Keep in mind it's August. Hard to get a handle on the off-season preparation. What the hell do I know anyway?

Fightin' Illini '71 - is there a more worthy future champion? I'm due any year now. 7 to 2.
Mighty Oregon '91 - former champion. Great competitor. Not this year. 14 to 3.
Photonic Cowboy - last year's champion. BC or bust. 6 to 1 here. Hard to repeat.
Olivertwist - Notre Dame through and through. 7 to 1 odds.
Husker Nation - former champion. Will he play every week? 9 to 1.
Mr. Planning - 11 to 1. Best system out there. No wins.
Aggies Rebound / World - Cup Pick EM Champ / Chastain - 39 to 1.
Watch This / OSU Parent - 69 to 1.
The Other OSU - 151 to 2.
Everybody Else - 250 to 1.
Husky Cellar Dwellers - Off.

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