Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mirek's Top 10 College Venues

I mean, who wouldn't pay to see Touchdown Jesus in person? Or how about the privilege to watch a collegiate game at the Big House? What about the SWAMP or the BIG HORSE SHOE? College football is the greatest team game there is - bar none. At least in my opinion. It has it all: drama, excitement, intangibles, uncertainty of outcome, and pure passion for the sport. You can't say that about the Tour de France. OK, the Ryder Cup isn't bad either. Here are my TOP - 10 venues for watching college football. Note, I haven't been to most of these so my own personal desire to occupy a seat has something to do with this:

10) Memorial Stadium on the campus of the University of ILLINOIS. Come on, you knew this one was going to make my list. I spent 2 years of my life in Champaign - Urbana. What a great place to watch a game. Tailgating with 70,000 of your closest friends is also a blast. Built in the 1920's as a tribute to the men of WWI, this place has character. I enjoy every chance I get to go back and take in a game here. Oskee Wa Wa ILLINOIS. Hail to the CHIEF!

9) Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon

8) Doak / Walker - Florida State

7) BIG Hose Shoe - Ohio State (107K capacity). Becomes the 3rd largest city in the state on game day.

6) Neyland Stadium / UT

5) BIG HOUSE Ann Arbor

4) Rose Bowl - UCLA

3) Big Horse Shoe (Ohio State)

2) Darryl Royal Stadium - TEXAS

1) Kyle Field - Texas A&M, Home of the 12th man.


1) BIG HOUSE - Michigan

1) Notre Dame - Touchdown Jesus. Alleluia. Amen.

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