Monday, August 07, 2006

HOT and NOT in CFB this Year

Pretty interesting story by Schlabach of ESPN. Besides the trendy love everybody is giving Notre Dame this preseason, there are some other stories out there worthy of attention. For example, Fulmer, Carr, and Coker are all on the respective hot seats this year (all are national title owners). Zook is listed in the NOT HOT column as he assembles the talent but continues to struggle on game day. Not sure I agree with this one. Talent in Champaign? Where?

This is the first year of the BCS title game to be played on January 8th between the top 2 teams after the ROSE, FIESTA, ORANGE, and SUGAR BOWLS are done. Should be interesting and controversial.

The 3rd Saturday in September shaping up to be the first real big weekend of ball this year:
Florida @ Tennessee, LSU @ Auburn, Clemson @ FSU, Michigan @ Notre Dame, Miami @ Louisville, and Oklahoma @ Oregon. Oh yeah, Nebraska plays @ USC too.

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