Monday, August 28, 2006

Herbstreits' Herbie Awards - Don't Miss 'Em!

I can't believe these have been around for 6 years already. I'll give Kirk credit for some originality, especially when we need it most in August. Who can disagree with his assessment of the nation's prettiest Co-EDS going to any SEC school? I'll take his word on that one. Although, the research must be fascinating.

These awards are to college football as the Emmy's are to television. Herbies are awarded to the best in college football in just about every possible category ranging from best airports and restaurants to the best student sections and everything in between. Take a peek. This is an interesting read. Not sure a I agree with his top-10 Gameday locations (he has a slight Ohio-State bias). I just gotta say that those Gameday guys just don't travel enough in the West to really get a good sample. Nonetheless, some of this is good to know should you happen to be travelling east of the Rockies.

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