Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dodd Goes Nuts

Side - the chief on pinto cerca 1930. Long live teh cheif. Look for more of these classic posts in the weeks to come. Can't get enough of the old-time black and whites.
Oskee Wa Wa.

Wow - this is one of the best pre-season features I've seen all summer. Admittedly, not a hard accomplishment given the quality of the writers and nature of the subjects this time of year. But still, Dennis covers it all in this article for CBS Sportsline. Worth the read. Everything you need to know about the new BCS format this year to the best names in the game like 'Knowledge Timmons' and 'Hercules Satele', 'Tom Dance', and 'Syndric Steptoe'. I'm not making this stuff up. Here are some samples.....

In and Out:

In: Conference networks
Out: That annoying channel surf for Purdue baseball

In: Coaches' challenge
Out: A Lloyd Carr hissy fit

In: No-huddle
Out: No hurry

In: Michael Bush
Out: Reggie Bush

In: Big Red faced
Out: Big Red Imports

In: (Agent) runners hiding in the shadows
Out: Runners hiding behind their linemen

In: $3 million per year for coaches
Out: $2 million per year

In: Shotgun possession
Out: Shotgun offense

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