Saturday, August 19, 2006

Biggest 40 Games of the Year - Fiutak

Each year in August somebody has to chime in with their take on the biggest games of the year. This year is no different. Some are obvious like Ohio State @ Texas, Notre Dame @ USC, Michigan @ Notre Dame, Florida @ Florida State, and Florida State @ Miami. That's why college football is so great, every game is a playoff. Is there really a need for a post-season playoff? These are Pete's top - 40 games of the year. It's amazing at how many of them are in September. Don't forget there is a lot on the line this year with 32 bowl games (up 4 from last year). And, for the first time ever we have a BCS title game. That will be interesting. Keep in mind that August predictions are about as useful as Q4 earnings call in July. Not very. Here are the TOP 15 games according to CNN/SI. If you can only watch 15 (I'm sorry) - here they are:

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