Sunday, December 04, 2005

Your BCS Match-Ups Broken Down!

Mirek covers the 4 BCS matchups this year in only the way that he can. Here we go:

1) In the grand daddy of them all, I like Texas over SC in what might be the best game ever played - at least it has the potential. This should be the best title game we've seen in years. I like the defense of Texas to prevail against the offense of USC down the stretch. Texas has to use ball control to keep the mighty Trojans and Reggie Bush on the bench, much like the Irish did a few months ago. Bowl Mania Tip: Pick Em.

2) In probably the most curious match-up this season, I like Penn State in a close one over Florida State in the Orange Bowl. How do you figure FSU? This is a trap game for Penn State. They should win based on everything we know today. But, Bowden knows how to get his squad up for big games, especially in the BCS where they make their 6th appearance in 8 tries. This is the first visit for Paterno. Some are already calling this the AARP bowl. I really like this match-up. Both teams are loaded with young talent at the skill positions. Who will make the least mistakes? Who will make the biggest plays? Both teams play great defense giving this game an potential instant classic status. Bowl Mania Tip: Take Penn State in a close one.

3) I don't know whom to take in the Fiesta - the BUCKS or Notre Dame. Doug has to be happy that the BUCKS made it there over Oregon. I think the BCS worked out well in this regard. Everybody wants to see Ohio State take on Notre Dame. This should be a competitive game and may go down to the very very end. Both teams have strong offenses, but the edge has to go to Ohio State's defense and the fact that they played in Tempe 3 year's ago when they won the whole enchilada. I'm looking forward to that ND offense against the Ohio State defense. Bowl Mania Tip: don't put a lot of points on this pick either way.

4) In what has to be the worst match-up in the BCS this year, I like Georgia big over a young and not worthy WV squad. WV had a great year only losing to VA TECH. But, they are not at the same level as Georgia and others. What about Auburn? What about Miami? What about Oregon? This is the least appealing BCS game to me by far. Bowl Mania Tip: You may want to put 28 points on this game. Go DAWGS!

Other bowl games which interest me and should be awesome if both teams show up:

a) Wisconsin / Auburn in the Capital One Bowl (Citrus)
b) Texas Tech / Bama in the Cotton Bowl
c) Miami /LSU in the Peach Bowl
d) Oregon / Oklahoma in the Holiday Bowl
e) Michigan / Nebraska in the Alamo Bowl
f) Northwester / UCLA in the SUN BOWL

Final Note: Auburn is the best team not the BCS. SEC speed against the BIG-10 strength. I like the SEC in this one. Go Tigers.

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