Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas to All - SI's Pix of 05!

These are some of the most amazing shots I've seen in a while. Here are a couple of teazers. What a great year in sports, 2005. I remember Gore at the US OPEN on the hallowed grounds of Pinehurst #2. Note, some of these are quite inspirational while others are quite grotesque. Enjoy the shots. Here's hoping 2006 stacks up to be just as great - and even a little better. I think there are 12 amazing shots in all.

Merry Christmas to all .... and to all a good night!

Bonus Coverage: Quotes of the year!

"My wiener has never been so exhausted." -- NASCAR's Kurt Busch after outlasting three other drivers to win the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile race at Lowe's Motor Speedway

And if you liked those shots, you might also enjoy the 10-SPOT by McEntegart. Lisa Guerrero is 41 years old in case you're wondering - wow! He does have a good point about Brent Musberger - that guys is annoying at times. And you guys all know where I stand on a play-off in college football, DIV 1-A.

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