Friday, December 30, 2005

Bowl Mania Mid - Wrap!

What can I say - things looked so good early, despite a 3 - point set-back as Kansas took care of Houston in the Ft. Worth Bowl. What was I thinking there? After that, the flood gates broke open and we've all been looking up at Hamilton's not so sunny side ever since. He's running away with the contest this year. But first, a few comments:

1) What the hell? I mean, there is bad officiating and then there are the guys who called the Nebraska / Michigan game (Alamo Bowl). I mean, why not just say we're corrupt. We're going to give the game to the Huskers. Needless to say this was one of the worst officiated games I've ever seen. Just about every major call and no - call went against Michigan and FOR NEBRAKSA. Don't get me wrong, the HUSKERS played a great game. Where was the flag late in the game when Michigan was driving for the go-ahead score on 4th down and the Nebraska defender had his hands all over the Michigan receiver? Why did the Wolverines have to burn timeouts to get instant replays? How long does it take to spot a football anyway? And, why wasn't there a flag against Nebraksa on the last play of the game when their entire time stormed the field of play while the ball was till in play? Ugh! It went all down hill from here.

2) Thank you GA TECH, you suck! How can you lose to UTAH? Ugh!

3) Same for Oregon and Minnesota. Hello, finish what you start. What was I thinking for putting any points on a team with a LEAF on it. These last few games cost me 27, 24, and 23 points.

It doesn't look good for the rest of us if we want to catch Hamilton. He has a healthy lead. Nice job on putting those high points on some of the early games. We'll have to wait and see how things shake out over the next few days. Will I win another game this year? With the Miami loss to LSU, that makes 7 straight misses in a row for me, ouch.

Minnesota, NW, and South Carolina all blew big bowl leads in the 2nd half of action. Hamilton still looks really strong as he approaches 200 points and 97% heading into action on New Year's Eve. Can anybody catch him? Here's hoping Va TECH, Auburn, Georgia, and Texas find ways to win their games.

So enjoy the best video clips of 2005 (click on the link above). I think this year's winner looks a little like Freiley in his cube on a Sunday morning (Neuman - Neuman kid, sorry Doug - couldn't resist).



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