Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mirek's Week 13 Pick Em Season Finale - For Real!

This is the LAST PICK EM update of the year. And congratulations to the Photonic Cowboy on his 1-point victory over Triton Mike. This time it's for real. Lunch?

If it weren't for the prevent defense Stanford played against Notre Dame, we would be taking Mr. Old is New to lunch. Wow, what a season finale on this 13th week of PICK EM. Long live rivalry weekends. Illinois is your South Padre Invitational Champion this year after beating Rutgers 77-57. Bring on Carolina.

Don't forget that Ronler Bowl Mania 2005 is back. Games are announced on 12/6 with the first kick-off on 12/20. 28 games in 14 days. Happy Holidays.

Here we go:

1) Notre Dame over Stanford in a great game. The Cardinal would just not go away all night. Brady Quinn was amazing with over 400 yards passing and 3 TDs. Walker had almost 200 yds rushing compared to the 12 total rushing yards for Stanford. I can hear the Oregon nation crying in their microbrews tonight. No BCS for the DUCKS this year. You gotta hate the prevent defense if you are a PAC-10 fan. Then again, the PAC-10 really doesn't play defense so they can't complain too much. Still - a great 38-31 victory for Notre Dame and a $13M payday for the Golden Domers. How does Stanford lose to CAL and UC DAVIS and then take Notre Dame to the very brink?

2) Fresno State's special teams cost them tonight in Reno. Wow, this was a shocker. The Wolfpack came to play and the BULLDOGS didn't after the SC letdown. This one cost me 9 points. I haven't won both 9 and 10 point games since week 8. Ugh! These last three weeks have been murder on my points.

3) For the 2nd straight year, Iowa State folds with destiny in their control on the last game of the season and loses the chance to represent the BIG-12 North in the Championship game next weekend. Of course, maybe they were smart when you consider Colorado has to play TEXAS. Speaking of the BUFFS, they tried their best to avoid the contest with the Longhorns with their 30-3 blowout loss at home to Nebraska.

4) VA TECH rolled today - looking good after the Miami loss. The other top-schools struggled this weekend including Texas and LSU who both had battles against their opposition on Friday. But the Hokies will take on FSU next weekend in Jacksonville. I don't see the Noles avoiding 4 - straight losses as they go to a no-name bowl this year. Then again, Marcus Vick hasn't exactly been stellar since that blowout loss to the CANES a few weeks ago (8 turnovers and only 2TD's in that stretch).

5) Speaking of the Noles, Florida romped today in the SWAMP all over Bowden's Boys. FSU is really struggling these days on offense and defense. Florida didn't exactly look sharp all night but made the big plays on defense and special teams to put this one away early in the 2nd half. Urban wins against Georgia, Tennessee, and FSU but won't be playing in the SEC title game next weekend in Atlanta. Instead, we get LSU and Georgia.

6) Speaking of the DAWGS, Georgia outlasted the Jackets in a defensive battle all night. A late pick with 1 minute to go by Georgia as Tech was driving for the tie score sealed the deal. Ball had 3 TO's tonight against the DAWGS from Athens. This conference knows defense. Should be a great SEC Championship game next weekend.

7) Miami held on to beat a tough Virginia squad tonight in the Orange Bowl. Good win for the CANES aginst the CAVS after losing to the Jackets last weekend in a game they should have won. Virginia is now 0-14 in the state of Florida. That loss cost the CANES a shot at Bowden in the ACC Title game.

8) Tennessee won a ball game today against those mighty Wildcats of Kentucky. What a disappointing season for Fulmer's hilltoppers. At 5-6 they won't go bowling this season for the first time in a long time. With all of that talent on both sides of the ball, this has to be the biggest disappointment of the season. They went 2-5 down the stretch. That LSU victory seems so long ago now.

9) NC State survived Maryland today in a typical ACC battle. Both squads brought the defense. Maryland goes home and will miss bowl action for 2 years in a row. Too bad they play in the ACC. The TERPS would be going bowling as a PAC-10 rep.

10) Grambling State won the Bayou Classic on NBC over Southern U. Even though they lost, Southern won the half-time show and remains undefeated in that venue.

My Top - 10:

1) USC
2) Texas
3) Penn State
4) LSU
5) Ohio State
6) Notre Dame
7) Virginia Tech
8) Auburn
9) Oregon
10) Georgia

My BCS Match-Ups (the way they should be):

Rose = SC and TEXAS
Sugar = WV and LSU
Orange = Penn State vs. Va. Tech
Fiesta = Ohio State vs. Notre Dame

Heisman Leaders: BUSH, Young, Quinn, Leinart

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