Saturday, November 12, 2005

Mirek's Week 11 Pick Em Wrap

Well Well Well - it looks like there are 7 of us in the middle of things with ONE more week to go in PICK EM 2005. Wow! What a year. It's been close from start to finish. Did you expect anything else? Bring on Week 12. Let's crown a champ already.

What can I say? Thank you Texas Tech. I mean what the hell? Come on. You suck, I mean are not very good on the road late in the year in the BIG 12 conference. Can you say overrated? Play some defense once in a while.

3 games really hurt me today: Florida, FSU, and ASU. Combined, they cost me 11 points on top of the 16 I lost with TT and UW.

What happened in Clemson, SC today? I was back and forth on this one all week. Same for SC and Florida. I guess I was wrong on both. Next time I'll go with the home teams. Thank you for LSU. Those Tigers are tough. More later. Congratulations to Triton Mike - well done Mr. Warddrip. You da man! (This week). But it looks like its Patriacca's world and we're all chasing him in the last week of the season. Hmmmm...

I should have taken UCLA and more points. Ugh! Drew Olsen threw for 510 yards today. Ugh Ugh!

Give me Liberty or give me death or give me USC/TEXAS in Pasadena.

It was Showdown Saturday in the SEC. We are blessed.

Here we go:

1) I don't think the SEC knows how to use instant replay. Perhaps they should rename it to 'go fry something in oil' replay, or 'wait for the barbecue to finish' replay. If you watched the Bama / LSU game today you know what I mean.

About the game, LSU took control in the 2nd-half and never looked back. JeMarcus Russell for President. Neither team had 300 yards. Neither team had 20 first downs. Neither team had a 100-yard rusher. BAMA is great on defense but struggles on offense. Their perfect season comes to an end in Tuscaloosa. Where does this leave LSU? In the SEC West driver's seat. Geaux Bayou Bengals. Remember when TN beat LSU?

2) More SEC coverage. Yes, the old ball coach out-coached the youngster (Mr. Meyer) in Columbia this afternoon. Kudos to Spurrier and 5 consecutive SEC wins after starting out 2-3. Wow. First time since 1939 that SC beat Florida. This conference knows how to play defense. Their offenses are NOT that bad either. What was it like for Spurrier to beat Florida today? Like your mother - in - law forgot your address. It was big.

3) This just in, Notre Dame, SC, Ohio State, and Texas are good. All rolled today in their games against Navy, CAL, and Kansas, respectively. More later. Coach Mangino - it is about the BCS and you are not in the race. It took 19 minutes for Texas to score 40 points. Oh my gosh. SC is 42 of its last 43. Not bad either. One 3000 - yard passer, two 1000-yard rushers, and two 1000-yard receivers. The men of Troy are not bad. That's 42 in a row by ND over NAVY. BTW, who wins the BIG - 10 this year? I like the LIONS.

4) Alvarez loses his last game at Camp Randall has head coach of the Badgers. What? Yes, Barry lost today against a game Iowa team. I guess they just wanted it more in the driving rains in Madison. Too bad. This coach really turned their program around. Where does it go without him? Who knows? Hopefully in the toilet. I'm sick of hearing about the Baaaaaaadgers. Good riddens Barry! He did take the Badgers to 3 Rose Bowl wins in 16 years and a bunch of other bowl-game appearances. Yeah - pretty good.

5) BYU is bowl eligible after beating the Cowboys of Wyoming today. Very impressive under the new head coach. Good to see the Cougars back in the Mountain West.

6) Georgia / Auburn - SEC football. 31-30. Enough said - almost. What a game. What a conference. Every yard is precious here. Are you kidding me! 4th and 10 for Auburn. 65 yards later - TD TIGERS. What a game. What a country. What a conference. What a team. Yes, I love SEC football and you know it. We can all learn something from how they play the game in the deep SOUTH. I love the tigers of Auburn. I'm a tiger fan. Kenny Irons (RB Auburn - 167 yards tonight) is a freak. No, he's just awesome. No one tackler can bring this guy down. If you didn't see this game you missed the game of the year in the SEC. This one was close throughout the contest. Yes, it was better than TN/LSU. Thank you AUBURN.

7) ILLINOIS lost today at Purdue 37-3. Basketball season starts on the 18th.

8) Nebraska becomes bowl eligible after beating mighty Kansas State. What else can I say. Whoopie! Will they go to a bowl and where?

9) Is that right? Did Washington whip - up on Zona in the desert tonight (38-14)? Hmmm...didn't the cats beat UCLA last weekend in Tucson? It's college football. Doesn't always make sense.

10) Gotta love Bobby Bowden's wife (Ann). When asked whom she supported today in the Clemson / FSU game she said the following, "I love my husband. I love my son, Tommy. But I stand by my man. He's the most important person in my life." And, some Joe named Chris Bostic won $1M today by throwing a ball through a hoop from 25 yards. Until today, he made $10/hour has a landscaper. Yikes. BTW, that's three conference losses for the NOLES since joining the ACC in 1992. Where's the D Bobby? Where'd it go man? You can't stop my mama. Next up Florida and then likely Miami. Could it be 4 losses in a row for the NOLES?

Mirek's Top 10:

1) SC
2) Texas
3) Miami
4) LSU
5) Notre Dame
6) Penn State
7) Ohio State
8) Va. Tech
9) Auburn
10) UCLA

My Heisman Leaders:


What I'm looking forward to in WEEK 12:

Va. Tech / Virginia
Ohio State / Michigan
Utah / BYU
Bama / Auburn
Penn State / Sparty
Oregon State / Oregon
Clemson / SC
Northwester / Illinois

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