Saturday, November 05, 2005

Mirek's Week 10 Pick Em Wrap

It was looking good until Miami went into Blacksburg and pulled the upset of the year, at least for the BCS conferences (in my opinion). Are you kidding me? How does VA TECH lose at home, at night, under the lights, to a Miami team without Moss and Wright? They were 80-20 picks tonight against the CANES at home. Ugh! That was my 10-point game. I was feeling good after most everyone else had 10 points on FSU (not so fast). What a crazy week 10, only 28.3 as the average (worst of the year). This is a great game. Did anybody get their 10-point game this week? Congrats to Freiley and his 41 points. Here we go:

1) The BIG GAME of the day, VA TECH and MIAMI in Blacksburg. Nobody goes in there at night, under the lights, against that Hokie defense and puts a beat-down on the Hokies. Ugh - what could have been. It was an ugly performance for VA TECH in every way. They looked like boys out there against the men from Miami. Kudos to the Canes. They did what I thought was impossible. What a Nightmare for VICK and the HOKIES. Enter Sandman was the highlight tonight at LANE Stadium. Give credit to Kyle Wright - his signature game of the season. How many turnovers did VICK have tonight? Ugh! Total Miami domination in every way. They just wanted it more. Where do the Hokies go from here? Great win for Coker - his signature win.

2) FSU loses at home to NC STATE. Remember, that Chuck Amato of NC STATE coached for Bobby Bowden at FSU for 17 years. No big surprise here. FSU is hurting on offense these days, and their QB is a rookie. I should have put fewer points on FSU, or even some points on NC STATE. Yikes!

3) Penn State is for real. They stomped all over the Baaaaaadgers today in Happy Valley (35-14). How good is Penn State? They are BCS bound unless they stumble. Remember, they were only seconds away from a victory in Ann Arbor of Michigan a few weeks ago (and 10-0). Instead it's 9-1. Oh Joe Pa, way to go. It was senior day in Happy Valley. Michael Robinson led the way. The LIONS are back and they are for real. Hello BCS. But watchout for SPARTY!

4) ILLINOIS and Ohio State. It looked good only down 13-0 at the half. We lost 40-2. What can I say? The BUCKS keep the 2nd oldest trophy in college football - the ILLIBUCK tortoise. Ugh! Every week I watch my team play I ask myself how slow can we be? How weak can we be? How stupid can we be? How out of position can we be? What the heck? At least I have tickets for the SE Missour State game at Assembly Hall on 12/28.

5) So much for the BRUINS of UCLA (52-14 loss against Arizona). Ouch! I guess they can still play the spoiler on December 3rd against the Trojans. They've been playing on borrowed time for several weeks. I doubt it. SC is whipping - up on Stanford tonight. Sure looks like the two best teams in the country are Texas and SC. Both need to start making plans for January 4th.

6) Speaking of TEXAS, 62-0 over Baylor today. Enough said. This just could be the year of the Longhorns in Pasadena. Make your reservations now LONGHORN fans, you're going to the Rose Bowl. Who wins right now, TEXAS or SC?

7) The wild and wacky BIG -10 continues. Northwestern over Iowa in Evanston after recovering a on-side kick. Purdue over Michigan State in West Lafayette. Remember, Sparty beat Notre Dame a few months ago. What a Jeckyl and Hyde team.

8) Brady LEAF and the DUCKS beat CAL BEARS in the monsoon at Autzen. Wow - what a great game! I saw Noah on the sidelines at halftime working on the 2nd arc. Enough of the rain already.

9) How far has Tennessee fallen? Is that true, 4 losses in a row for the first time in like forever? Rumors are starting swirl in Knoxville about the future of Fulmer. This team has too much talent, especially on D not to have more wins right now. Will they be bowl eligible this year? I don't think they can afford another loss. Notre Dame is going bowling, and probably to the BCS if they win out. Penn State and Notre Dame in the Fiesta? Maybe....I don't see the IRISH losing again this year.

10) BYU is 5-4. Holy Cow! Where did they come from? They only need 1 more win to become bowl eligible. Not bad, after starting off 1-3. Nice recovery. The last two games are tough (@ Wyoming and at home against Utah). I see 1 more win in their future. The COUGS may just go bowling this year.

Bonus) Red Raiders opened -up a can on A&M tonight. No big surprise. Florida struggled to be Vandy tonight and got some help from the stripes in the process. Kansas beats Nebraska since before I was born. Holy Cow!

Mirek's Top 10:

1) SC
2) Texas
3) Miami
4) Penn State
6) Notre Dame
7) LSU
8) Ohio State
9) Georgia
10) Va. Tech.

Heisman Frontrunners:

1) Bush, 2) Young, 3) Leinart, 4) Quinn, and 5) Williams

Here's what I'm looking forward to next weekend:

Spurrier and the COCKS (SC) at home against Florida
BYU @ Wyoming
Bama hosting LSU
Auburn @ Georgia

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