Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Bowl Picture - Mirek Style!

OK, to be honest I'm really only focusing on the BCS games right now. The other games are all about the match-ups, fan support, and TV ratings. Come to think of it, same for the BCS. But seriously, 3 of the 4 BCS games are pretty much locked-up based on what we know today. Here's my 'crystal-ball' view of how things might shake out come January. Remember, it ain't suppose to be fair:

1) USC will play TEXAS in Pasadena for the Title. Period. The HORNS will NOT lose to the AGGIES of A&M. The Trojans will not lose to UCLA. But, who wins - TEXAS or SC? My pick will come later. This will be a great game - maybe the best BCS TITLE game ever (in it's 8-year history).

2) Some SEC school will play some BIG EAST school in the Sugar Bowl (Atlanta, GA). Right now, most have LSU taking on WV. This would be a good match-up. But so would Georgia, or Auburn instead of the Bayou Bengals.

3) Some ACC squad will take on Penn State in the Orange Bowl. There is an outside shot that Joe Pa Pa will go to the desert of Tempe instead. Wouldn't it be interesting to see Bowden vs. Paterno in the Orange Bowl. Realistically, I got to think it will be VA TECH vs. Penn State in Miami.

4) Then there is the Fiesta Bowl. This one is wide-open right now. I think three schools are all in the mix, unless Notre Dame loses to Stanford. Then it clears up considerably. Right now, Notre Dame is in against either Ohio State or Oregon. Who has the better case? Let's look a little deeper at their schedules.

OREGON - (10-1): Their only loss at home to USC back in October. But, who have they beaten and where? Does this team have a signature win this year? Beating Fresno State at home is probably the closest thing that comes to mind. Maybe beating ASU in Tempe, but the Sun Devils are not the same team now as back in September. Back to my question - the answer in my opinion is NO. DUCKS go to San Diego in the Holiday Bowl.

OHIO STATE - (9-2): Yes, two losses but the close loss to TEXAS is probably a better loss than the DUCKS' loss to USC. The BUCKS could have beaten the HORNS in the big Horse Shoe. Their only other loss was on the road, at night, against Joe Pa in Happy Valley. What a tough place to play. And it was a close game throughout. But, do the BUCKS have a signature win this year? Answer = YES (they just beat Michigan in Ann Arbor in probably the greatest rivalry match-up we have today). Therefore, I say bring on Notre Dame and let's have the BUCKS take on the IRISH in the Fiesta Bowl.

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