Sunday, October 16, 2005

Your Week 7 AP Poll - SC still #1

I can't argue with the AP top - 25 this week, at least with spots 1-4. I question BAMA at #5 after barely squeaking past Ole Miss in Oxford. I mean come on, that should have been a behind the wood-shed beat- down of historic proportions.

Also, LSU and UCLA seem a little high to me at #7 and #8, respectively. Notre Dame still belongs in the top - 10 in my opinion despite the home loss. Tough to believe that the great Charlie Weiss has lost his first two home games at Notre Dame. Both, heartbreak defeats.

Other than that, the poll looks reasonable. Texas Tech - yes Caesar, the Red Raiders are moving up the poll as they should to #10. We'll see what happens after they play Texas next Saturday in Austin.

Florida State dropped 7 points after the big road loss to Virginia. Penn State holds steady at #12. I also think BC is slightly UNDER-ranked at #13. In my mind they are a top-10 squad right now going into the big game next weekend in Blacksburg.

Oregon is slotted just ahead of Auburn at #15. Florida is sinking like a rock at #18. The rest of the top-25 looks pretty routine.

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