Saturday, October 29, 2005

What IF? What IF? The Fighting Zookers....Ugh!

When will this season end? I guess you can call today's 41-24 loss to Wisconsin a moral victory. I mean, at least we didn't give up 60 points again at home. The defense continues to look pathetic. We lack the talent, the speed, and the size to make plays when we need to.

On the positive front, recruiting continues to go well. Zook was text-messaged again today during the day from a father of a possible signee. That's called multi-tasking. Zook works 24/7. He's always on!

Actually, the offense looked good today at times. The game should have been a lot closer than the final score. The punt block and TD set-up was too easy for the Badgers. That didn't help us much either. Our kicker was 0-3 again. Each one of those drives should have ended in 7 points and not 0 points. Brasic (QB) was accountable for more than 400 yards himself as he threw for ~ 300 and ran for ~ 125 yds. Thomas had another great game. I need to remind myself that while we stink we are the youngest team in the game, only starting 4 seniors this year.

It's broken. Zook will fix it. We're moving in the right direction. But, it's going to take a few more years. Hang in the nation. The Chief will rise again! Good to see Memorial Stadium packed again, at least until the game was over late in the 4th quarter. That win over Rutgers (now bowl eligible) seems so long ago!

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