Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mirek's Week 9 Pick Em Wrap

Looks like Mr. Scarvie has assumed the top slot in Pick - em. Alth0ugh, Mr. Patriacca hung 50 points on the rest of us. Mr. Hamiliton learned how easy it can be to lose ground (33 points, ouch-babe). How does SC beat UT in Knoxville? 9-3 in the 4th quarter! Ugh!. It just gets wilder and wilder every week. Just when it looked like Texas, Florida State, and UCLA all might lose on the same day......

Here we go:

1) This just in - it's hard t0 stay unbeaten. Just ask Georgia! UCLA knows how to win. 4 of 5! Dew Olsen for Heisman - same for Maurice Drew! Never turn these games off.

2) UCLA with the 30-27 win against the CARDS tonight in OT. Wow! The December 3rd showdown in LA is really starting to take shape now. USC blitzed WSU in the Coliseum.

3) Texas, from behind this week. The Polks led 28-12 at the half. Mr. Young ran for 267 yds. tonight. Vince also threw f0r 239 yds. They won by a mile! Slow start. Vince is great. Over 500 yds. of total offense. Texas will not lose in 2k5!

4) Florida beats UGA. Ug!. What an ugly game. Leak was 15-20 for the game. Georgia just gave up too many 1st-half points, too early. It was Tereshinski's fault. What an amazing flee-flicker back to the QB in the 3rd quarter. Gators have won 14 of 16 against the DAWGS. Urban now looks like a genius again. I'm still not sold on the Gators this year. Georgia needs DJ Shockley. Florida came out ready to go! Kudos to Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators. Sh0ckley is ready for Auburn!

5) Michigan routs NW. OSU the same against Minnesota. With their win, Penn State remains in the driver's seat for the BIG-10 Title this year.

6) SC over TN; in Knoxville. Whow Nelly. Spurrier to the rescue. I'm sure all 107k at Rocky Top were stunned. The Vols are now 3-4 on the season, what? That's not supposed to happen on the night they retire Peyton Manning's jersey.

7) Oklahoma hangs on to beat Nebraska. I think this is the first time in a long while that this match-up featured two un-ranked teams. The Sooners had 9 sacks on Taylor. When was the last time Nebraska had 9 sacks in a season? Of course, they never used to pass either.

8) With their win yesterday over Carolina, the Canes can now look forward to the big match-up in Blacksburg (Vicksburg) next weekened against the Hokies. Both teams feature awesome defenses. And right now, both teams are playing some offense too. I still think the Hokies will roll with VICK as QB and that stifling defense. I did like the throw-back uniforms for Miami. They kind of looked like Notre Dame out there.

9) Georgia Tech / Clemson - enough said. 10-9 in Atlanta. What a difficult game to watch. Tons of errors and penalties on both sides. Then again, this is the ACC and you never really know what you're going to get. At least I only lost 1 point here.

10) And BYU put up 62 against the Falcons of Air Force last night. Wow, what an offensive display. How many black athletes play for the Cougars, Fisher?

My Top 10:

1) SC
2) Texas
3) Va. Tech.
4) Bama
5) Miami
6) LSU
8) Penn State
9) Notre Dame
10) Florida State

Bring on Week 10 and another opportunity:

Miami at Va. Tech
A&M at Texas Tech
Tennessee at Notre Dame, hmmmmm......
Illinois at Ohio State, uh oh! Don't watch!
Wisconsin at Penn State

And stop with the ACC in pick-em, please ESPN. That conference should be banned from the selections.

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