Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mirek's Week 8 Pick Em Wrap

Well well well - we suck. I mean, I'm embarrassed. How bad is Illinois Football? Let me offer a few comparisons:

1) Nixon
2) Universal Health Care
3) New Orleans Politics (ain't there some corruption?)

We suck. The Zookers stink! WE SUCK. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SUCK! Up 3-0. We lose 63-10. Ugh! 56-3 to Penn State tonight at the HALF. Oh, good GOD, help me. I mean, put the season to rest already. Bring on basketball and South Dakota State at the HALL. I don't want to hear about ILLINOIS football until at least 2007. All we have basketball.

If you believe in stock you buy low and sell high. It doesn't get any cheaper than this right now for ILLINOIS football. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. All of the greats have had tough moments in the careers. Barry Alvarez only won 1 game in his first year. Kirk Ferentz only 3. Paterno hasn't had a great run of late until this year. There is hope. We need to bring in the young recruits and fast.

341 -341 - 341: Mirek, Horton, Scarvie. Pick - Em is a flat-out mess. Love it! 4 more weeks to go. The group is doing well this year. 9 players at 90% or above. Wow! Herrington lights it up for 54 points. Good j0b! Another 50 point week.

How about the SEC? Which is the best conference in the land? The SEC. No doubt. They have the best fans, the best food, the best stadiums, and the best atheletes, not to mention the best teams. Who plays the best defense in the land? No, not the PAC -10, but the SEC. Hail to the SEC. I submit to you the following evidence: Bama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Tennesse, Florida, and everybody else. The rest of America only hopes to be as good as the SEC. Case in point tonight in Baton Rouge - there were over 200k fans at the game tonight; only 92K made it inside the gates to watch LSU and Auburn. The other 110k were in the parking lot tail-gating all day with ribs, chicken, and a few spirits. There is college football and SEC college football. I submit to you that unless you have witnessed the latter you don't know what the game is about.

Finally, NW Wildcats? Who? What? Where? When? Why? Yes, they are good - in football. At East Lansing today against SPARTY. Today, it was a 35-point road blowout. They are good. Hail to the Evanston faithful. Anybody with 330 still has a chance. Plasma or bust!

Pick - Em is a Mess!

Here we go:

1) On the banks of the old red CEDAR. Northwestern Wildcats - how good are they? Well, they slobber-knocked the SPARTY today in East Lansing: 49-14. Embarrasment. Call them out. Come on John L. Smith. Holy smoke!. This was the biggest surprise of the week and possibly of the year. I thought SPARTY was good. I thought wrong. The Evanston faithful have a team; and the best unknown running back in the land: Sutton. They will beat ILLINOIS: 1 Million to ZERO! We SUCK! Basenez, Basenez, Basenez! Beatdown! Spartans leave homecoing early. 3 wins in a row for the Wildcats. I should have accepted my WILDCAT scholarship. Ugh! Most dynamic in the country? Right up there with SC.

2) BAMA - roll tide over Tennessee. What a game. Defense rules the day. Bama hasn't beaten Tennessee in Tuscaloosa since 1930. What? Yes, it's true. What a great defensive battle. Tough loss for the VOLS. Great win at home for the TIDE. Roll TIDE. Brodie Croyle is a real QB - in the mold of Brett Favre. Who is tougher? Who has more will? Answer: Nobody. Condi Rice (Secretary of State) was their to flip the coin. I love Condi.

2.5) Michigan. Now 5-3. The BIG -10 is a mess. Who wins? Why? Purdue sucks. Not so much. Pur-d0ne.

3) Mt. Union lost today (21-14); first time since 1994 or 110 games. Arkansas State beat Florida Atlantic 3-0 in OT. First time in a long-time a game has gone 0-0 after 60 minutes.

4) Texas whipped-up on TT today: 1 BILLION to Zero! or something like that. The Red Raiders were exposed on a national scale today. Ranked in the top -10 for the first time since 1977. It might be another 28 years for the RED RAIDERS. They won't be ranked high for much longer. TEXAS is for real. Bring on SC in the Rose Bowl. Vince had a great day.

5) The Upright game - LSU beats Auburn 20-17 at home in Death Valley at night. The SEC is the BEST. Ping, off the left upright - victory to the TIGERS from LSU. Sorry Pauly! Auburn should have won this game; and would have had it not been for lousy field goal kicking. They were 1 for 6. Yikes! Cajun Voo Doo Magic!

6) ND, TEXAS, and USC all romped today. Georgia skated past Arkansas but lost their QB, Shockley. Uh oh! The DAWGS won the game but did they lose the war, MCL? Interesting developement. The DAWGS need DJ to win. He won't play next weekend against Florida. Wow! Is Quinn a Heisman candidate? He had 6! See the wrap below. The Catholics beat the Mormons. Hook 'EM HORNS! Austin rocks!

7) White Sox win Game 1 of the Series! Jenks, Contreras, Crede, and the crew. Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie. 99 - 100 - 99 - 100 - 99 - 100 - 99 - 100 Wow! The Bull-pen was solid. Exclellent! Ridiculous. Go South Side. First championship since 1917? We'll see!

8) Oregon to Leaf. Clemmons done for the year. Dixon was alson knocked out. Ugh! The DUCKS loudest quack has been registered. It's over for the Eugene crew.

9) Huskers beat the Tigers 25 of 26 over the past years. Not today. The Lincoln crew loses to Missouri today. Ugh! I had 3 points on BIG RED. The romp was on. Yikes! And Oklahoma beat Baylor tody in 2OT.

10) Drew Olson had 6 today. Same as Brady! UCLA and USC. Bring 0n the Tr0jans and the Bruins.

Mirek's Top - 10:

1) USC
3) Va. Tech
5) Georgia
6) Miami
7) LSU
8) Notre Dame
9) FSU
10) UCLA

Your Heisman Winner: BUSH (84-yard punt return), YOUNG, LEINART, Quinn, and Drew.

Looking ahead to week 9, here are a few match-ups I'll be watching:

Ohio State @ Minnesota
Oklahoma @ Nebraska
Georgia @ Florida
Michigan @ Northwestern

Pick-Em is shaping up to be a run to the wire this year, unlike year's past where 1 or 2 contestants held the year all along. We'll see if they (ESPN) add the 13th week back to the schedule - right now it's at 12 games.

As we come into the final turn (last 4 weeks) the race is indeed on. While it seems as the pack appears to be inseparable at times, the upcoming rivalry weekends usually serve to separate the pretenders from the champion. I'm sure this year won't be any different.

There are still 9 contestants within 11 points of the lead (4%). Good Luck men. I'm sure we're in for another great finish. Page 1 or bust!

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