Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mirek's Week 6 Pick Em Wrap

Let me begin by saying thank you Michigan. What the hell? I mean come on - we're talking Minnesota. Patriacca had 5 points on the Gophers. Ridiculous. He also took Penn State and UCLA. Gutsy picks. What a charge today! How can UM beat MSU and then lose to the Gophers (a rodant team) at home. Yikes - Ugh - Umh! Congrats to Patriacca on a great weekend.

It's interesting to me that with a score of 39 points I moved up 1.5% in the national rankings. Must have been a blood bath at the top of the National Leaderboard yesterday. I bet a lot of people lost some serious points on Michigan, ASU, and Ohio State. Figure in close games with CAL, Nebraska, and Georgia and you get some big movements in the rankings. What a mess at the top of our group. 10 of us are within 17 points of the lead. Bring - on week 7. OK, here we go:

1) Yes, the little brown jug goes back to Minnesota for the first time in like 20 years (1986 to be exact). I know, unbelieveable to say the least. Michigan is really hard to figure out this year. The oldest trophy in the game goes to the Gophers for the next year. Yuck....and so do my 6 points.

2) Hook-em Horns! Texas rolls over Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl. In - VINCE - ible young was awesome. Texas is loaded. Can anybody stop them? Taylor, Sweed, Charles, and Young. Too good for most. Maybe - we'll see. Who is the in the Heisman lead ahead of Vince Young of Texas?

3) Illinois lost today to Indiana. It doesn't get much lower than this. The Hoosiers are a senior squad - but still. Yikes. We're #11 in the BIG-10 this year. Not good. Send in the National Guard. Forget about rebuilding New Orleans. We need it more in Champaign. Pape' Jam in two months.

4) Texas Tech won a game today. They beat a good Nebraska team. Cody Hodges is a freak - no make that a magician. Caesar - I'm sorry. You were right. TT is for real. They can move the ball at will with their passing game. Hodges threw for 1 MILLION yards despite turnovers and penalties. TT won a great game. Nebraska really showed me something today. They are on the way back to the top despite this set-back. But for two years in a row, the Red Raiders beat the HUSKERS. Sure, it wasn't by 60 points, but it was homecoming in LINCOLN; big win for TT. Heart-break loss for the HUSKERS.

5) How about those BULLDOGS from Georgia? Wow - a very impressive win on the road at Rocky Top. They are a good squad. It's hard to win there. But, they've done it 3 straight times now. The road team really owns this series of late. Wuff Wuff! Tennessee contiues to struggle at HOME against the top -10.

6) What's up with Purdue? They are in free-fall with 3 straight losses after going down again at home today to IOWA. Wow - how fast is terminal velocity anyway? How about those NW Wildcats? Wis-who? NW gashed WIS today. How about Tyrell Sutton? He's only a freshmen. That's right - the BIG-10 is wide open right now.

7) So - CAL, Va. Tech, BC, Miami, FSU, and Florida all cruised today in good wins. Hmmmmm...... are the men of Troy beatable? We'll find out next week in South Bend. Good game - good game. Who wins? Will SC play a full 60 minutes? If yes - give it to the men of Troy. Otherwise - lookout!

8) Colorado opened-up a can of WHOOP - ASS on A&M today. It was old, stinky, and very nasty. They dominated the Aggies in Boulder. Wow! A&M looks aweful. Yikes, do I hear a coach buy-out option? I did see a plate of money being passed around by the alumns in Boulder. Uh -0h! This was a beat-down.

9) Penn State and the cool was it to see 1/3 of the stadium in total white. Actually, about 20k of the student body wore white to confuse the BUCKS. And it worked. Wow - very impressive. Penn State ha sa linebacker who makes plays (Pusluszny?). Gotta love Joe Pa Pa and the Nittany LIONS. Ohio State and Penn State battled in the 2nd - half. It was a defensive struggle all night long. Penn State prevailed. Congrats to the Nittany LIONS. How about that defense? That was a struggle. But looky looky, Penn State has the 3rd longest winning streak in the land behind SC and TEXAS. Joe Pa Pa is back. If you ask him, he never left.

10) PAC-10 update - Maurice Jones Drew had 4 TD for UCLA against CAL. What a game. Almost as good as Nebraska and TT. Both of these squads are legit. Either can beat SC later this season. This is the last time I listen to Triton Mike. What the hell? You promised me a CAL victory on Friday.

Your Heisman Update: If it were awarded today it would to go VINCE YOUNG of TEXAS. Also in the mix include Reggie BUSH, Matt LEINART, Marcus VICK, and Brady QUINN.

My TOP 10:

1) SC
5) FSU
8) LSU
9) Notre Dame
10) Penn State

Big games for next week include:

SC @ Notre Dame
Michigan State @ Ohio State
Wisconsin @ Minnesota
Colorado @ Texas
Florida @ LSU
Oregon State @ CAL
Penn State @ Michigan

By the hair on their chinny chin chin. Yikes! Of course, I'm sure the "good ol' boys from Texas Tech" will take the W. Win, I mean. Duh.
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