Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mirek's Week 5 Pick Em Wrap

Saturday's are so much fun! What another great Saturday of College football. How about those Tide? And those Nittany Lions? And those Wolverines from Ann Arbor? And those Huskers from Nebraska? And, of course - those Trojans from So-Cal. How good are they? Here's my week 5 wrap - a week which saw Mirek assume the lead in PICK EM; note this date - October 1st 2005. This was one of those tough weekends in PICK EM. It's good to win and not so good when you lose. I love SATURDAY! Lou Holtz is an idiot! Give me liberty or give me death.

1) Wow - how good is Alabama? I mean come on - 31 to 3 over a good Florida team. Very impressive - they will be moving up in the polls this week. I never would have figured Brodie's Boys would have lit up that Gator defense like they did. And what about that Florida offense and Chris Leak? Where was he all day? Bama is back, and that's a good thing. That defense is impressive. Congrats ont he win Mr. Shula. But what a loss in Prothro and his broken leg. BAMA just can't avoid the devastating injury. This could be big! I love PROTHRO. Get well fast!

2) OK - this just in; USC is very very good. After toying with ASU like they did with the ducks last week, the men of Troy woke up in the 2nd half and scored 35 points. Very cool, and very strong even though it was very hot - like 1 MILLION degrees. Punishment. SC has a dominant O-Line. No mental mistakes. They know what to do. COMOSURE, yes sir. 277 yards rushing in the 2nd half. Give me VA TECH and SC in Pasadena !

This is not a good message for the rest of the teams out there. ASU is a great squad. And, it was hot today in the valley of the sun. I can't remember a team being this dominant in college football. They have so many weapons and obscene amount of depth at just about every position. They can beat you in so many ways. Will they lose before January - probably not. Bring on Notre Dame. These guys don't believe they can be beat. How calm and how confident. How cool!

3) Texas looked good today over Missouri - especially late (51-20 winners). Next week they get Oklahoma. Could this be the year? I think so.

3b) FSU won impressively today. Weatherford is getting better week by week. Watch-out ACC. Here come the NOLES.

4) Penn State and Joe Pa Pa - what can be said? A strong win today for the Nittany Lions who improve to 5-0. Joe Pa Pa is a genius (44-14 winner). They beat a strong squad from Minnesota. Maroney only had 48 yards - 14 in the 2nd half. That is a big - time stuff job on a great back. Penn State ran 97 plays to only 63 for Minnesota. The get Ohio State next weekend at home in State College. Go LIONS. STATE vs. STATE. Wo Nelly! Gosh All - Mighty! Keep in mind the BUCKS were off this week.

5) Thank you SPARTY. After whipping up on my ILLINI last week you laid an egg at home against Michigan today. Shame on you. You should have won today. Too much trickeration and crap for your own good. Focus on the basics next time like kicking, and blocking, and lining-up correctly. I mean come on already. You cost me 6 points today. Shame on you. I won't put points on SPARTY again this year. Phooh Yah! Welcome back Michael Hart. You saved the Wolverine season.

6) Congrats to those HUSKERS for beating a very good IOWA STATE bunch. They won ugly - but they won me 1 point today.

7) This just in - VA TECH is not bad. Watch-out world for those HOKIES. They might just provide the toughest test for USC in the ROSE BOWL this year.

8) Both the DUCKS and the BEAVS won today - both lost last week. Looks like the BEAVS had 21 points in the 4th quarter of a great comeback against the Cougars - very cool.

9) MTSU (Middle Tennessee State) beat Vandy today on the road. The streak comes to an end. The commodores lost and are now 4-1 on the season. Will they make a bowl game this year? We'll have to wait and see.

10) Welcome to DIV 1 football Texas Tech. Congratulations on that hard-earned victory today over Kansas. Tomato cans, marshmellows, and cupcakes. You only scored 30 points today. What happened? Same to Texas A&M - what a great win over BYALOR. Yikes! We were lucky!

10b) I will never pick against Notre Dame again - unless they play USC. What a total domination tonight over Purdue in West Lafayette. They get USC in two weeks and Tennessee at home after that. Hmm....very interesting Dr. Watson. Where does Purdue go from here? The Catholics had 5 million yards of offense tonight against a 'great' defense. How good is Jeff Semardja?

10c) OK - here is how you fix OT in College Football. Place the ball at the 35 yard-line instead of the 25 yard-line. Done. I fixed it. Send me the check.

My TOP - 10:

1) USC
4) Florida State
5) Ohio State
6) Georgia
7) Miami
8) Tennessee
9) Notre Dame
10) Alabama

Heismann Hopefuls:

Vince Young, Reggie BUSH, Marcus Vick, Brady Quinn

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