Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mid-Year Pick Em Focal

I debated as to whether or not I should release the reviews now or after week 7. While I reserve the right to go back next week and change the rankings, here is your mid-year focal message. I see 5 clear rank groups with Frey in a class by himself. While I hated to do it, it seemed appropriate. The bell curve has no home here. Don't shoot the messenger. Just hate your performance and seek to improve. Remember, these are just mid-year messages. Here we go:

Photonic Cowboy - Outstanding, especially after a 9 - point surge on Saturday. Very impressive, and he roots for BC to boot. Welcome to first place, the target on your back is clearly visible to all.

Fighting Illini '71 - Exceeds Expectations. Not a bad start to the first half of the year but clearly some work to do. Page 1 or bust. I won't be happy until the plasma is in my family room.

BYU-OLD is NEW - Exceeds Expectations. Off to a good start at 97.3%. Still room for improvement. Needs to work on tolerance to ambiguity.

Sabbatical Recovery - Exceeds Expectations. At 97.3% and tied for 2nd place did anybody expect this from Jesse? Surely - yours truly is very impressed.

Mighty Oregon ' 91 - Exceeds Expectations. You knew there had to be a DUCK in bucket 1.

DUCKSBCSBOWL - Exceeds Expectations. Make that 2 ducks in bucket 1.

OSU Parent - Successful start to the year. Plenty of room for improvement going forward. Nobody is better picking the close games.

Olivertwist - Successful. Although, somewhat disappointing this isn't an Exceeds Expectations. Hmm....will the IRISH beat SC?

Triton Power - Successful. No idea what the name neams. Successfull nonetheless. Ignorance is no excuse.

Buckeye Convert - Successful. It hurts me to say Buckeye and succesful in the same sentence. I'll make the exception for Doctor Larsen.

Soccer Sucks - Successful. Hey, what do you expect? He moved overseas and all they have over there is Guiness, soccer, and Padraig Herrington. Hang in there Mark. There is a place in Happy Valley for you.

Red Raider Alum - Below expectations. You have to play every week, especially if you went to Texas Tech and admit it.

Dam Building Quacker - see above. BE.

BIG 12 Champ - BE. See DBQ.

L.O.S.T - BE. What does this mean? Please explain.

HUSKER Nation - BE.

BritAdams - IR

Will the Dawgs Suck? - Yes, and IR.

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