Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mid - Season Conference Comparison

FOX Sports takes a look at the best and worst of the power conferences this year. Looks like everybody hands-down thinks the ACC is the power conference this year. Hard to argue with teams like Miami, FSU, BC, and Va. Tech. Wow, that sounds impressive.

But, don't overlook the SEC and BIG-10. I would agree with most experts that the BIG-10 has the most depth, top to the very bottom (ILLINOIS rests there). I would also agree that the BIG-EAST is at the bottom of the list in terms of conferences. Strange to see the BIG-12 so far down towards the bottom. With the exception of TEXAS at the top, this conference has lost a lot of power with Oklahoma, A&M, and others being down this year.

When I look at the PAC-10, I don't see much anymore besides SC and UCLA. What happened to CAL and ASU. Oregon is now in trouble with Clemmens on the sideline for the year. WSU, OSU, and U of A are all marginal at best. Which brings me to my favorite conference: the SEC.

I love this conference. They have it all: Speed, Strength, Size, great food, atmosphere, tradition, pride, love, and the best fans in the game (no disrespect to Penn State). Bama, Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, and Florida are all tough places to play at as the visiting team. Even though they are down this year, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Vandy also bring the game.

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