Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hail to the South Side!

Baby, don't you want to go! Come on....It's been 16,825 some odd days since the White Sox have won the AL pennant. Let's call it 17K. September 22, 1959 to be exact against the Cleveland Indians. Al Lopez was your manager. Holy Cow - 46 years ago. They are the 2005 AL champs. Bring on the NL. Jose Contreras goes all 9 innings. Same for the the last three starters in this series. the World Series begins in Comiskey Park this Saturday, sweet home Chicago! Ozzie Guillen and Company are amazing. No more choke here - bring on the senior circuit.

The numbers are amazing. 4 consecutive complete games to wrap it up. The starting pitching in this series was awesome. We held the Angels to 0.177 hitting in this series. What a great season. One more obstacle to go. No one deserves it more, perhaps for the CUBS. Congrats to Reinsdorf. 6 NBA Championships for the BULLS and now baseball. It's off to the fall classic. Peace Out!

This is a no name team. No big super stars on this squad. They are fundamentally solid. They believe. Heart. Character. We're full of it! No words can describe the pitching in this series. This one was for Bill Veck and company. It's been a long time!

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