Saturday, October 08, 2005

Another ILLINI Loss - Ouch!

This one was a litmus test of how bad we really are. Generally speaking, when you lose to Indiana in the BIG-10 it can only mean one thing: YOU STINK. The second thing it usually means is that your are #11 in the BIG-10. That's where the ILLINI find themselves right now mid-way through the season. It doesn't look good. If there is any good news, we can't lose next weekend. We have a bye week before Penn State comes to Champaign.

We hung in there for 3 quarters before Indiana put it away in the 4th. They do have a veteran squad. Hoeppner is a good coach. Give credit to Blake Powers (QB) who threw 4 TD passes against our 'Defense'. At least we only gave up 36 points today. Thank God we didn't play Texas Tech today.

The difference seemed to be too many miscues by the ILLINI offense. Timmy was 22-39 for 230yds but also had a fumble and a pick. Ugh - we stink. We need to make plays but can't. Our fundamentals are strong, but it appears to me that this team lacks two important elements: skill and chemistry. At times, we move the ball but struggle to convert the momentum into points. We are now having trouble scoring. Ugh - what else can go wrong? I can only hope the recruiting effort is in full swing. We definitely have 'opportunities' to play right away at ILLINOIS. That might be our best selling point.

Basketball season starts on November 18th against South Dakota State. We play 4 cream-puffs before going back to Chapel Hill to take on the Tarheels on November 29th. Bring on the hardwood I'm ready for it to start again.

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