Saturday, September 03, 2005

What an Opening Weekend .........Mirek's Week 1 Pick-Em Wrap

Who would have predicted thatAuburn, Pitt, Boise State, and Oklahoma would have lost their opening games? How 'bout those Fighting ILLINI - hail to the CHIEF. That was one of our greatest comebacks of all-time; and very much needed for the ILLINI NATION. We believe Ronny!

I was very disappointed in ESPN yesterday. Our scores weren't updating in real-time. I think somebody hacked into the site because it was in Spanish most of the day, "La Semana Ha Cerrado?". We definintely need to beef-up border security. They also had Alabama State as the home team in that DIV II battle. It was actually just the opposite. This isn't the first or last time they've screwed up the games. I had a lot of points on it and would have gone the other way had I known better (7 on SC STate). Ugh!

Georgia Tech looked tough. So did USC, the Buckeyes, Michigan, ND, and Florida. The biggest upset had to be in Norman against TCU. Biggest disappointment had to be Boise State self-destructing between the hedges. The most competititve games involved Illinois, A&M, and Colorado. Then there was the Washington and AFA game in Seattle. Wow? Did Nebraska beat Maine? Yeah - barely....

Notre Dame was very surprising. Lots of offense and good defense especially on the road for Charlie's boys. Tennessee and Auburn didn't look that great, two powerhouses in the SEC. Pitt obviously has some work to do. But, what happened to Boise State? That was a total collapse of astronomical proportion. Not a good way to represent the WAC to the SEC / country. Ouch.

Ah- yes; Nebraska.....pulling away from the Mightly Black Bears of Maine at home in Lincoln. Good thing it wasn't a road game. There was a time in the 4th quarter when it was only an 8-point game. Yikes. That new offense isn't really clicking just yet, despite what Callahan thinks. He's got a long way to go to catch USC's version. A&M continues to struggle with road openers. Last year it was UTAH (tough game in Salt Lake). This year it was a much closer loss, but still a loss, in Death Valley (Clemson). Francione needs to find the early-season magic if he wants to contend in the BIG 12 race.

Oregon State looked good (as well they should have against PSU). Penn State got past South Florida, but not very convincingly. Still some work for Joe Pa in State College. I had no idea Wisconsin could score that many points - granted against a MAC school; but still? BYU is clearly rebuilding this year. BC looked good on the road in Provo. So did Ohio State against Miami Ohio. Can't wait for that Texas (who won convincingly on Saturday) showdown in the horseshoe next weekend. Bring it on! Off to week 2.

Man...while listening to the announcers for the Illini game calling them the Fighting Zooks. Were they serious, or just trying to meet the demand of all those wanting to ban the use of native american mascots and team names? I guess they just might have to rename the whole state of Illinois then.

As for my Aggies...............They really shot themselves in the foot. Had 2 scores taken off the board due to holding penalties. Also, why didn't they go for 2 on their last touchdown? There were plenty of poor coaching decisions in that game.

Coach Fran really bungled it just not as bad as I bungled the pick'em for this week. Man did I stink up the field. P!U!

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